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This is really more of a question about Black 2 and White 2, honestly. Try asking in that section's Q&A thread instead. :) You've gotten some good answers here though of course, but if you feel that you need more info, like I said, just ask in the B2W2 Q&A! You could also consider checking for more info on the games. But yeah, this question is too generalized towards B2W2 for me to merge it with the General Q&A.

I do recommend just moving on to B2W2 though, really. It'd just be better. There's more to do, more Pokemon, and it's better to get a fresh start there than playing White again then going to B2W2. You might get burnt out on Unova that way anyway. Oh, and you have a rotten friend. :( I hope you don't talk to them anymore! lol


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