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Well since you asked...

The first one is awesome! It's really, really funny and smart (although not really appropriate for PC, which made finding clean funny gifs difficult) Unfortunately, the sound quality is pretty poor, so you need to turn the volume up really loud, and occasionally it's hard to hear the lines. Draco Malfoy is amaaaaaaaazing though, the actress who plays him is brilliant! Also, Cedric is pretty funny, and Voldemort/Quirrel are just as good. Snape is also awesome (okay, so basically I like everyone!) It's definitely worth the three hours of your life, so everyone should watch it over Christmas!


As for the sequel, it's not as good, but it's still awesome! Partially it's because it has the curse of being the sequel to an amazing first play, but there were too many bathroom jokes for my taste. But other than those, it still rocked, and was still really smart! Lucius Malfoy is hilarious, and Draco is so adorable in the sequel! And Umbridge is just AMAZING lol. Definitely worth a watch as well.

can't wait til the third one is on youtube! :(