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I for one view her design as a 15 16 or 17 year old girl. I believe she is portrayed as a tomboyish character that may be descovering her sexuality. Is this right for pokemon? Who am I to say? I've been with the series since the first game and if I have ever had a complaint its that the game never seemed to grow up. I most of the time feel like the main character is still meant to be 10 and I don't like that. I didn't like red being ten when I started all thoes years ago. Still the idea here is do I like her design... yes I do. I like it a lot but I don't view her as a little kid either. I feel the game followed and told a much more grown up story than it ever has before and I feel it is more a teenage pokemon world in black and white. I do however see that if she is meant to be 10 or 11 like red that this is kinda wrong and really pushing the line. I hope I haven't offended anyone that was not my intention. Thumbs up for hilda.