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Name: DeSean Guilliver

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Region: Sinnoh

DeSean is basiclly your "Big Black". He has broad shoulders, and looks like the legendary pokemon shaymin. His head looks bigger then his body along with longer arms. He wears a blue sort of plaid jacket with a white hood. He usually wears his camoflouge pants with his brown socks tucked into his pants. He only has a nice pair of black hiking boots that looks more brown from mud.

DeSean is a shy and timid person who can't really stand up for himself. He is antisocial but when you do get him to talk only nice things are said. He is also very empathetic and smart and has the best memory capacity. He can get quite aggressive when threatened and will not give up in a fight. If himself or anybody he cares about is endangeored he will come to thier aid.

DeSean was in a small family of four. His mom and dad had abandoned there family when DeSean was only eight leaving his older brother, Marco, in charge. When Marco had become of age he became a gym leader in training. DeSean was proud of his older brothers achomplishments. Sadly when Marco was twenty and DeSean was fourteen, Marco died by the hand of Team Rocket. They got into his school where he was going to be certifyed as an offical leader when Team Rocket burned his school to the ground trapping Marco and burning him to death. DeSean was devistated; without a home or any relative left to take care of him or his two younger siblings, DeSean had decided that he would become a pokemon master. Now at the age of sixteen DeSean can finally avenge his brothers death igniting the flame fueled by revenge and anger.
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