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    Hello! I thought I'd share my project with everyone, I hope you guys enjoy it!
    It replaces your overworld sprite ( ALL SPRITES) as Cynthia
    and back sprite ( WITH ANIMATIONS) as Cynthia
    and a optional C Gear Skin of Cynthia (I did not create)

    All instructions, credits and thanks inside the README.
    All images inside the RAR, only used for showcasing.

    I really do hope you guys enjoy this, I sure do!

    Note; I will be doing edits to the images in the near future, for they require very minor edits
    UPDATE 2) - Did a HUGE rework to textures, this goes for both overworld and back sprites, they appear much softer and lore friendly now. I can't confirm if the overworld bike sprites are working as intended (within 16 color) because I have no bicycle yet! x) If anyone can confirm it would be a great help, thanks!!
    UPDATE 3) - Added balancing and fishing overworld sprites, small refinements to other overworld sprites.
    I can't confirm if fishing sprites are working as intended (within 16 color) if anyone can confirm, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

    UPDATE 4) - Did a complete re-texture of the backsprite, also fixed the hair from cutting on the first animation. Comments on the new backsprites anyone? I'm really loving it!

    Currently in creation) - Mugshot and Trainer Card
    Known issues) -
    Side-to-side balancing also has a few minor texture issues, currently trying to resolve.

    Stay tuned, and enjoy!!

    Any constructive criticism is highly accepted! Apologies in advance if posted in the wrong forum!!
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