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Although my own personal fashion sense is lacking, to say the least, I've always had a slight interest in the fashion world. I'm interested in the big personalities of the fashion world too, like Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, the late Gia Carangi, etc. Especially Anna Wintour, the notorious b**** of the fashion industry. Big personality, perfect bob, ever present sunglasses. A captivating woman, the unofficial queen of the fashion industry. I'm not a fan of a lot of the fashions presented by the big lines nowadays, I tend to focus on the models themselves - Karlie Kloss, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr (Miranda should just stay with modeling Victoria's Secret lingerie instead of trying to make it in the world of high fashion, she hasn't got the face for it), the personalities of the modelling world.

I suppose it makes sense that I work in a clothes store, despite the fact that I don't care about what I wear myself. I just get my clothes from there and if they look good, that's great. I'll stick to critiquing what others wear & what they put out, thanks.
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