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Bear in mind the battle between Cynthia and Caitlin was a exhibition match, so friendly discussion between the two isn't something I wasn't expecting. Honestly neither were really trying it seems.

The battles in BW as a whole seem uninspired and just lack from the beginning to the end. Something I thought was going to be a big part of Best Wishes, Don Battle turned into a flop. As mentioned earlier they consisted of everyone making their opinion and less focus on the actual battle. There was more dialogue then actually battle scenes which devalued the tournaments. And all the battles felt rushed which is funny considering they were all one on one matches. What I dislike about BW mostly is the lack of expansive battles, they never last too long. Its really sad when a three on three battle is something you look forward too. Intially I was expecting more, like with the 5 on 5 early on between Ash and Trip, but just like their rivalry the notion that I was going to get full quality matches deteriorated. The gym matches were horridly written for the most part as well, yeah Seawaddle evo against Burgh, Roggenrola evolution against Clay, and Tranquill evo against Skyla so basically the reliance on evolving to win a match? As I already said the rivalry had much to be desired especially after we had Ash vs. Paul which was consistently a good rivalry. I doubt the N & Plasma arc will do much to change any of this since its focus will mainly be on Plasma related things like Genesect construction at P2 lab.

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