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    Well, I'm hopefully done now, barring anything that needs to be changed of course. I hope everything is in order, it was a bit late when I was finishing it, so I hope there aren't too many weird errors... Also, everybody else has such beautifully formated SUs, so jealous right now.
    Real Name: Gavin Ellis

    Real Age: 21

    Real Gender: Male

    Personality: A perfectionist - described as a person who demands perfection of himself or others. Many often joked that if you looked up that word in a dictionary, they would find Gavin’s name adjacent to that little blurb. It started at a young age, his perfectionism, probably a side effect of his acute OCD. His insatiable insistence, no, compulsion to do things a certain way. Whether it be a book placed just right on a shelf, or correcting himself (and others) mid-sentence due to a slip of grammatical inaccuracy. He often pushed himself so that this one foible did not become his sole defining trait as a human, but he struggled to overcome the already heavy reputation and stigma.

    Teased and picked on as a child and his reputation preceding him in many social situations, Gavin never developed the “normal” conventions that many garnered from childhood onward. Socially introverted and a bit callus when approached by others. From his experience, people only try and talk to him to further tease or insult him. Even if people try and get to know him out of genuine personal interest, he secretly suspects it's just for them to later cast aspersions. He works fine with others in a business setting, especially if he were in charge, but he never dare attempt to draw near to any besides his family.

    This lack of normal social interaction, caused him to lose himself to the worlds of video games, movies, or what have you. Here in these fantasy worlds, he could be whatever he desired; a hero, villain, morally grey, it didn’t matter. He would cast himself into the story and lose himself there. He is steadfastly serious and almost calculating in his actions. Not one for vociferous outbursts, Gavin stays levelheaded and even toned during situations where others may become heated. What he lacks in social and “street” smarts, he makes up for in general intelligence. Although not tested at a “genius” level, he is very gifted and typically not afraid to let people know when he is smarter than them. This lack of humility further compounds his already lacking social prowess and alienates him even more from his contemporaries.

    It is hard to say if anyone could ever worm their way past all this, but Gavin himself isn’t very receptive to the idea. He truly does care for his mother and father, but nobody else has ever had such a profound effect on him in that he can accurately define “caring” for somebody. Maybe the reason he loves Pokemon so much and as a result MAO, is because of how well he gets along with real animals. According to him, “Animals don’t judge anyone and are always there for you.”

    History: October 11th, 1991 - London, United Kingdom. The day Gavin entered this world, born to two loving and average in every way parents. His father, James Ellis, a system analyst and his mother, Samantha Ellis, a happy stay at home mother. His early childhood was fairly mundane as these things go. Samantha began to notice little idiosyncrasies that triggered some warning bells as he got older. These little indications led to a visit to a psychologist who identified him with his acute obsessive compulsive disorder.

    In school, he was picked on mercilessly by his classmates and one boy in particular, Craig Murphy. Whenever he progressed in a grade, Gavin would wish that he and Craig would be separated by some stroke of luck. Craig moving, being held back, divine intervention by meteor strike, it didn’t much matter to him. This boy was one of just a few reasons he lost faith in people his age or strangers in general. Everyday, he would attend school, ace his work, take his beatings and rush home to his homework and gaming. He became an avid Pokemon fan, going so far as to EV train each of his monsters and enjoying the global battle scene to the best of his ability.

    Nursery, Primary and Secondary. This cycle continued this way for what felt like an eternity. The beatings didn’t finally stop until he began his tertiary education. People were a bit more civil, although they ignored him just the same. His studies in the field of astronomy both fascinated and enraptured him. Just as he lost himself in games, he could do the same in the celestial bodies of the heavens.

    The time eventually came that MAO was announced to the world and preorders went up. Gavin made sure he was one of the few people to be a part of the staggered release. He felt excitement and anticipation as he logged in for the first time, his avatar a representation of himself with minute differences. The worlds he had only seen in such limited fashion before, had suddenly come to life before his very eyes. Things were different here. Strength was governed by numbers and stats, a persons status based on their trainer ability and not the brute strength of the real world’s wandering troglodytes. This was a world of people like him, nerds. And if he truly desired and persevered, here, he could be a king.


    Avatar Name: Solomon

    Avatar Age: 21

    Avatar Gender: Male

    Avatar Appearance: Solomon stands approximately six feet, two inches from the ground. Like Gavin, Solomon’s avatar is thin but not exceedingly so as to be lanky. His body lacks natural muscle definition and definitely portrays a person with limited physical prowess. His lean, angular face, carries with it high cheek bones and a slim fitting nose. Rich, hazel eyes contrast nicely with his close cropped, dirty blonde, hair that is fashioned into a caesar cut with his ends flipped up. A pale skin tone and light dusting of freckles finish off the avatar and give Solomon a slightly younger than his years kind of appearance. Although serving no ‘distinct’ function in MAO, he decided to retain his thick, metallic rim glasses. These glasses are removable and unlike the real world, when removed, have no effect on his vision.

    His clothing is simple but purposeful. On his torso, he wears a plain, black, “V” neck T-shirt, over which he wears a light weight, dark grey, three button, wool peacoat. His pants are simple, dark denim jeans that sit above a pair of black, multipurpose boots. He keeps his captured Pokemon on the inside lining of his jacket, but his usable ones and all other items are kept in a dyed orange wool messenger bag slung across his shoulders.

    Starter Pokémon: Sneasel
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Umbra
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Nature: Naive
    Moves: Leer, Scratch, Taunt, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Icy Wind

    Roleplay Sample: From Sword Art seemed kind of fitting.

    The water rippled as the bobber slowly waded its way majestically through the pristine waters of the lake. This lake made up the majority of Circleshore, or Floor 6 to those who preferred numerical designations. Circleshore was a tranquil getaway, almost like a breath of fresh air from the harsh realities that the other floors provided. Elise had stripped herself of her armor, nothing more than the cloth brigandine she usually wore under the armor plates and her leather chausses. She didn’t feel particularly in danger here. Her level, now eighteen, was above the recommended level for this floor. Even if that wasn’t the case, the monsters here were almost docile in nature. Even still, Elise kept her sword handy. It lay in the sand on her left side; its brilliant, pale green hue, radiated in the sun. Each little ray of light refracted perfectly off its unique flamberge design. It almost looked like the sword was alive, or dancing in the midst of a fire. When she had forged it, after her little side trip with Krissu, it had been a monumental jump from her previous sword. It was still a great sword now, probably better than anything she could make with current materials. [The Fire Dancer] was its name in the system, probably due more to its appearance than any actual fire kinship.

    Elise leaned back onto the sand, her hair spilling out beneath her. She held her fishing pole loosely in both hands, her eyes closed as she soaked up the virtual sun. Even being virtual, it had all the radiant warmth and beauty of its actual celestial counterpart. It had been a few hours since she had started fishing at this spot, yet nothing of note had been caught. It didn’t quite bother her much, it was a beautiful day and all, but it was a tad boring. Her bobber bounced a few times without her notice, a small nibble, nothing to signify that anything had been hooked. She sat up again, her body letting out a sigh of exasperation. Fishing wasn’t exactly one of her best skills, far from it. In fact, it was only something she had tried to recently pick up. Elise quickly began to think she didn’t have the patience for it however. Too much sitting, not enough doing.

    The bobber teased her with its up and down motion, something was definitely displaying interest in the bait, but it hadn’t committed yet. A couple walked by beside her, giving her a quick wave as they sat down a little farther down shore. A quick glance in their direction showed they were about her age, from the looks of their name slots they appeared to be in the same guild. Not an uncommon occurrence anymore, people starting relationships in SAO. Especially when people were in the same guild, those were the ones who usually ended up getting “married”. Or, as married as one could get in SAO. It was a pretty simple thing actually, and becoming all too common. The greatest benefit was probably the shared storage between partners, kind of like a private communal storage bank for two people. Elise only groaned at the thought. Couples were so dependent on one another and Elise had sworn never to depend on anybody.

    In her distraction while scrutinizing the couple, whatever it was on the other end of the line had bitten down and escaped with her bait. Elise cursed under her breath as she quickly recalled the line and stashed the rod into her inventory. She was done fishing for the day, one could only take so much aggravation and lack of productivity. Bending to pick up her sword, she quickly toggled her armor back on in her inventory screen. The heavy, yet reassuring weight was back on her body. That weight signified protection, freedom, life.

    She made her way to to the portal area of Circleshore, the sun on the verge of setting in its soon to be twilight hours. The twenty four hour clock in SAO was just as faithful as the one outside it. As she accessed the portal, she picked her destination and in a flash, she appeared in Dovren. A city situated perilously on a steep cliff, it was like something out of a fairy tale, or well, a game. This bustling town of trade had become a hub for merchants selling their wares the world over. That was exactly the reason she had decided to come here now, wherever there were merchants, there were bound to be excellent chefs. Her stomach rumbled loudly as she made her way through the streets of the safe town.

    After only a few minutes of walking, a suitable enough place presented itself. It seemed popular enough, typically a good sign when it came to restaurants and their quality. Elise made her way inside, pushing slightly against the crowds as she made her way to a table in the corner. The rustic charm of the building was undeniable. Creaky wood floor boards, the soft dancing glow of candlelit light fixtures and the mounted heads of trophies adorned the walls. It was just about how Elise had pictured an old tavern might had been when adventurers actually roamed the Earth. A portly waiter made his way over, notepad and cheery demeanor in hand. Elise quickly placed an order for whatever the special might be, in this case it was a roasted Corn Crow from floor seven. The waiter ran off again to go give the order to whoever was doing prep tonight. The chef was surely swamped, but he or she had to be leveling their skill quickly with all the work.

    She waited patiently, the crowd being entertainment in itself. She loved to people watch, people always proved to be a most fascinating subject. Going about their business, friends chatting, people flirting, people getting shot down while flirting, etc. Elise was one of the few solo players in the room, the majority belonging to guilds by the looks of it. A man looked in her direction, probably a good few years older than her. She looked away, hoping not to draw any attention to herself. It didn’t matter; the man stood up from his table, leaving his friends and drink behind. Elise groaned as he approached her, his size looming over her.

    “Save your breath, I’m not interested,” She looked up at him and spoke flatly. The waiter came back with her drink, some kind of cold tea type of drink. The man looked puzzled at her matter of fact statement, he hadn’t even said anything yet and she had shot down whatever it was preemptively.

    “I didn’t even say anything!” He just about bellowed at her, his fists clenching in response.

    “I can guess what you’re going to say,” Elise answered back at him mildly, she closed her eyes and took a sip from her drink.

    “Oh really, so you got it all figured out?” He didn’t take too kindly to being shot down so quickly in front of his friends. “It’s not even what you think. I noticed you didn’t have a guild indicator in your name slate. If you’re on this floor by yourself, I assume your level is pretty decent. I wanted to invite you to join our guild.” His voice definitely sounded agitated. If Elise had to guess, he definitely had a temper.

    “See, that’s funny.” Elise let out a forced, sarcastic laugh. “That’s exactly what I knew you were coming over for and I stand by my prior comment. I’m not interested. Go sell to someone who’s buying, Tiny.” She sipped from her drink again, this time taking a loud, exaggerated gulp.

    The man was fuming, he apparently didn’t enjoy her nickname for him. He walked away, only to come back in a hurry, his fist aimed squarely at her face. The system intervened before it made contact. His hand bounced harmlessly away as the town’s safe zone prevented any harm from occurring. Elise payed him no mind, she knew the system would do that, it always did.

    “Y-you listen here -” His guild mates from across the room came running to drag him away, his insults becoming muffled as they did so. It didn't take too much imagination to know what he was going to call her, and it saddened her to know another thought of her that way. Just as quickly as the sadness came, she pushed it away however. He continued to cry out vehemently as they took him outside to calm down.

    Elise sat at her table, all eyes now turned her direction. She gave them a quick wave to acknowledge them and turned her attention to the food that was now making its way to her, oblivious waiter and all. Dinner and a show.

    She was able to finish the rest of her dinner in peace, the other patrons quickly returned their attention back to their own matters. Elise payed her bill, a nice tip for the waiter included and made her way out into the crisp evening air. She wasn’t tired enough for bed, but it wasn’t good to go out leveling alone at night. Two weeks prior, she had missed the boss fight that had occurred and she wanted to make sure she didn’t miss anymore from that point on. When all that was going on, she had still been busy with Krissu and Reinhart. She had been rather curt to Reinhart when they first met, but for reasons she couldn’t quite explain, she had added him to her in-game friend list. Something she didn’t do a whole lot.

    Maybe it was because he had saved Krissu’s life that day? It didn’t really matter in the end. She hadn’t talked to him in sometime, he was a little rough around the edges. He hadn’t messaged her, nor her him. With a swipe of her right hand, she pulled up her friend list to see if he was still alive. As expected, he was indeed still alive. She tapped the send message button, the dictation dialogue popped up in its place.

    [To: Reinhart]
    [Subject: Bored]

    Hey, Reinhart. Want to scout out the dungeon on floor 8?

    She sent the message, brief as it was. It wasn’t really necessary to send a long, embellished novel. In fact, Reinhart would probably appreciate its brevity. After it sent, she closed all her menus and strolled about the city. The hustle and bustle was nice, a different kind of enjoyment from the fishing hole. She pulled up a seat on a bench towards the center of town. If he didn’t respond, she’d be forced to go find something else to occupy her time. In a town like this, it probably wouldn’t be too hard.
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