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    Oh gosh, unexpected surprise!!!
    I was hatching 60 last Charmander eggs to get the number of eggs to 400 before I put it on hiatus and focus on Snover for Christmas, and after 366 eggs shiny Charmander is mine!!!

    But that's not all, oh no, it's female!

    I'm so excited you guys, I wanted but did not ever expect to get a female, but she's sat in my shiny box right now all golden and beautiful, my early Christmas present :3
    It's my first MM'd shiny too!


    I plan to hatch the last few Charmander eggs and then move onto exclusively Snover, because I'd still like to take my chance and try and get a shiny snowy tree before Christmas :)
    Congrats on the Frillish miloticfan54! Also any others I might have missed though I don't think I have... And of course, good luck everyone else on your hunts, don't get discouraged like I almost did and give up! Keep trying and you'll get those sparkles!
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