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Olli97: The death card is an important factor in deciding if we should protect others or not. I forgot to really think about it; I've moved on from Aincrad, haha! In that event... I would prefer over-leveling my character and better ensuring myself that I could handle a life or death situation / rescue mission. I wish that someone would overlevel their character and strive to protect me, too. I really did like how Asuna could protect Kirito as well as he could protect her. I'm not fond of damsels in distress, so hooray there. :P

Cid: Welcome to the club and thankies! I appreciate how you and Olli highly value relationships with online friends. ;D Maybe that all works out in the end, since the players had to assume from then on, the virtual game is their reality. The people they meet there are all they have, and they should cherish that for the time being. However, the anonymity still exists. Not everyone is going to behave like they would in real life. Some people can deceive or betray you because they can easily get away with it. People can also change as they experience the pressures of the online world, such as Grimlock did. Kinda scary, I can't even stand in the same room with some people! Yeahhh I'll just fly solo huh. B)

FrostPheonix: Oh yes, I laugh off my deaths in video games. They're mostly my fault anyways. D:

Episode 21, they were definitely hinting at it and nailed it on the head in episode 24. It made me uncomfortable indeed. :(
Not sure why the scientists were blobs besides adding to the nightmare fuel.

You mean the pain scale? I found that to be expected since the goal was to completely mind control the players but that plan was terminated, lol.

Suguha is his cousin. When they were little, Kirito was referred to as the brother for sake of ease. Kirito's parents were in a terrible traffic accident.

I can't say that I've ever felt deeply sorry for Sugu... I understand that she terribly missed her brother, but something about Kirito neglecting her caused her to fall in love with someone online? Uhh... I wouldn't exactly fall in love with an online player as a means of coping. I wouldn't even go near the games if I was on the verge of losing my brother to them in the first place. I didn't really follow along with the love triangle drama since I wanted the show to focus on Kirito and Asuna. ;)

Episode 24, loved it. Hmm, I was expecting them to kiss when they reunited. I don't think the show is decreasing in quality. I think it's come to a solid end and I can't wait to see episode 25. It'll probably wrap it all up with Kirito spending time with Asuna (but when will he run into Lisbeth lol).

Here's a topic related to the belief of the end game prize being eternal flight:
How would you react if you reached the end of a game/quest and you did not receive the reward you anticipated?