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    Originally Posted by DEadman227 View Post
    Can I please get help getting this to run, I am sorry for causing any trouble but I have been searching for help on this but getting jack, this hack looks amazing and I really desire to play it.
    What sort of help are you needing. I offer my services to help you.

    Originally Posted by crcanik View Post
    Does anyone know if there's a locations listing for Fuligin? I've seen that he claims that all 386 are available, and I'm a 100%-completion type, and therefore I'll likely try to catch all 386 after I play through this game (which looks awesome).
    Also if there's any listing of evolutionary changes (like which Pokemon evolve in different ways than in the original games), that would be cool to have.
    Thanks in advance.
    Unfortunately there are no Location list as well as evolution page for this hack as this has become quite dead now after its release

    Originally Posted by delta4873 View Post
    How do I install this hack, is there an external patching program to patch it with?
    You play hacks on emulators like VBA on PC by patching it with programs like Lunar IPS
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