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Do animated gifs count?

Not that I went to/I'm attending school for game art (I'm more interested in a managerial role), it's mostly something I do for fun, or to fall back on. I've always liked doing sprite animations, as detailed as Street Fighter Alpha stuff to as simple as Earthbound. I was reading an article where Paul Robertson gave some advice about making your sprite art lively, and why sprite artists should push themselves. Because I like his stuff, along with games like Scott Pilgrim (and the upcoming Mercenary Kings), I decided to try his style out.

Each frame was eyballed using MSPaint only, so it's still rough in some areas, but I'm long accustomed to using Paint this way. I usually check it the animation later with a game program, but it's on a different computer, and I'm tired. Maybe I'll try a few more. I'm using the practice anyway to add art to my own original game.

@Logiedan - That chicken is deliciously creepy (aha, see what I did... oh whatever I'm sleepy).

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