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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    I edited it again, like I said, I omitted the fruit whatever. I'm not changing his goal though, because life at sea is pretty ambitious, especial because of his background. I put shipwrights and swordsman because he would have experience working on a ship if his entire life was spent on them, and he received a few years of training from a sword master. (He isn't a Zoro or anything, but he is close to a master)
    His appearance, personality and background need a lot more detail to them. Also, if you plan for him to be a shipwright, you should give some details on his skills, what ships he's made, his reputation as a shipwright, etc.

    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    Finished up my SU, I believe. Let me know if everything's alright.
    It's very solid. Approved, One note I'll add is I had planned to use english names for the devil fruits but its up to you which one you want to call it by.

    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    Uhh...I can't edit my Sign Up with any more info before it just stops accepting text. But, I've filled up pretty much all of her History before what we discussed in PMs, so hopefully that's enough.

    And her fighting style is done, too. So I think I'm done, unless there are any issues.
    You likely have too much formatting in your post. You can tear some off and it'll probably let you write more. If you can fit in more on the background (or just edit and summarize a bit as it's already pretty lengthy) that would be great though.

    Originally Posted by Raikiri View Post
    I believe my SU is finally done. Let me know if anything is out of order.
    Very interesting. Approved. I assume he's been to the Grand Line then considering he found a crew in the West Blue? It'll be interesting to interact with him and its probably a good idea that he's imprisoned (granted this was my idea ) because Morgan and Mei would be fighting forever if they happened to engage each other in combat.

    Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post

    Name: Strider T. Nelson

    Title: Eagle-Strike

    Age: 27

    Race: Human

    Home: Strider is from the Eastern sea, on the Gecko Islands. He set off for his adventure at the age of 16 on a small boat his dad gave him.

    Occupation: Sniper

    Setting: Strider is a very, and I mean very, successful bounty hunter. He may work solo, but he has contacts in every corner of the known world. He went to Ruedaya in order to find some work, and maybe a crew. He wants to have an adventure where he can get some women and treasure.

    Appearance: Nelson is a very lanky man. He's roughly 6'8, and he weighs about 200 pounds, almost all of it height. His long, greasy blonde hair is always tied back in a ponytail that hangs down to his shoulders. Nelson's skin is tanned brown, due to hours spent under the sun, waiting for the perfect shot on his target. Strider has long legs, so he has a long stride. It's ironic because his last name is Strider.

    Nelson's face is very peculiar. His nose is hooked like a hawk's beak, and the out line of his face is very angular. His lips are usually pinched like a slash in a canvas. He almost never smiles, with the exception of when he gets his bounty, and even then its a ominous, creepy smile that shows his perfectly white teeth, in which he takes pride.

    His usually clothing is light brown linen pants, a white collared shirt, and a large, dark brown trench coat with a tricorn hat.

    Personality: There are very few men like Nelson T. Strider. Despite his towering appearance and wolfish grin, his voice is very soft and faint. He talks almost in a whisper all the time...ominously quiet. Whenever he is making a deal with a possible client or dealing with rival bounty hunters, he keeps a hand on his pistol's handle and his cutlass's hilt to show that he is just as dangerous as anybody around.

    He absolutely loves the prospect of killing an opponent, and takes even greater pleasure in removing the heads of his quarry to bring to his clients.

    Goal: He's in it for very few reasons: He wants dangerous adventure, all the women he can get, and treasure beyond his wildest dreams.

    Devil Fruit: NO


    Weapons: Flintlock Long-Rifle for long range and medium range, Flintlock Pistol for short range, and regular Cutlass for close combat.

    Powers: Nelson is considered the best shot in the Eastern sea, and he accels in ranged combat. His eye sight is superior to many, and he can hold his breath for a long time while under water. However, he's not very good at sword play or close combat, and his stomach is weak for a bounty hunter with blood stained past.

    Your character's history. It should relate to their hometown and conclude with how they arrived on Ruedaya and why. Two to three paragraphs at least, as this is integral to who your character is and how they got to where they're at now.

    I can see you're still working on your sign-up and it's coming along nicely. You'll need to extrapolate on the details of his appearance and personality though as those are some pretty small paragraphs. He's also a bit too bloodthirsty for a crew of pirates with some dignity. He can certainly love combat or making a kill, but you may want to paint him as a nicer guy. He doesn't need to be friendly or even social, but a guy who enjoys the slaughter of people in general wont be a good fit for the crew.

    Also, if you could please, keep your sign-up in one post and just edit it when you make changes and post or PM to let me know when those changes have been made. It makes it easier for me to keep track of your character's progress.
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