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    Topic:Are there any current Water type Pokemon you'd see likely to gain a new stage in their line in the future generations? If not, are there any you'd like to get one? New stage counts for both pre-evolutions and evolutions.


    2 Partner Pokemon:Muchacho the Empoleon and BlueRanger the Samurott
    Why do you want to swim with us?Well,it goes a long time ago in 2006.My first game was Pokemon Pearl and I was looking at the three starter pokemon.I chose Piplup randomly.We had a long history.I chose Piplup in Pokemon Platinum.I chose Totodile in SoulSilver.I chose Samurott in White and in Black 2.Ever since,I had been liking water-types ever since.Also,I like water types in stats and moves.Surf are really good damage dealers.They have very even base stats overall.Water Spout is a good move with 150 power.Rock/Ground are my favorite combination with water because of the electricity immunity.When I wanted to join a club,I found this.
    Current Topic Answer:Well,I feel good with all water-type but some REALLY need evolutions.Many water pokemon still have potential to be great or greater!Maybe a better evolution for Bibarel and Gyarados.An Octillery evolution could be useful.A Wailord evolution will make Skitty nervous.What I really want is an evolution for Tentacruel will really make Thunderbolt a walk in the park.Also,I'd like to get a Slowking for a Sp.Attacker and Kingdra.