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With a continental arangement like that, there's no way the climate would be like ours... o_o'
I also see a repetition of Europe's outlines (Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, Italy,..) in both continents south and east on the map. Makes me wonder how accurate of a representation that is for the Pokémon World. I also find it hard to believe that Unova's region is to scale in that picture. You can see Castelia's piers in an area that looks to be the size of the Belgium-The Netherlands-Luxembourg. (I find it hard to believe a region would be so large in the first place.)

That aside, since this isn't a conversation about the Pokémon world per se, I like the idea of FrostPheonix of a real Wild, where few people live. There are still places on earth that aren't completely inhabited or cultivated, so it would be nice if the Unova's Inland were one of those areas. It would be credible that the main settlements were in coastal areas, where the inland (mainly because of harsher climate) was left for the Pokémon and the few cities and villages that dared venture out.

But though I think that at least some cities would be present in the middle of nowhere, considering how close the Pokémon world is with nature, it wouldn't surprise me if a big part of the land was left open.

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