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Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
I believe you got a team earlier, so please use the one you were given rather than trying to get a different team. It's up to you if you want to play this challenge, but it's no fun if you're basically searching for a team that contains Pokemon you want. In response to your Electabuzz question: Yes, you do have to use it. Also, use Shuckle for something, it's part of the challenge.
The reason I started again is because Sydian stated that if I don't want a pokemon that I have already used then I should of specified and I didn't think to at the time, If you really want me to all I have to do is delete the post I made where I asked for a team and say I no longer wish to do that challenge for the reasons of wanting to use different pokemon I haven't previously used.. I have done every challenge I have been given so far, Apart from the White 2 one because my rom broke... I am not trying to cheat myself out of using that team! Finally, the question I was asking about electabuzz was whether or not i could use it's evolution aswell.