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I remember greeting you back in your welcome thread, ExMedic! Still rocking that cool Bane theme, I see. :D I'm glad to see you again, especially because I see you finally posting a gallery of the Pokémon gijinka drawings you mentioned. ;) And I must say, you draw beautifully!

I really like how detailed these pieces are; each Pokémon gijinka captures the general feel of the Pokémon they're depicting, while still being an improvement over the initial design so much that I actually like the particular Pokémon better after looking at your work. The colors I think are well-done; as of now, my favorite would probably be your Chandelure gijinka. I'm looking forward to your next piece to complete the requirement of four, because I wouldn't want such a great new artist to get their gallery closed! Keep it up! That goes for both the great artistry and your gallery here, haha.
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