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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
I prefer Steven as the Hoenn champion. In effect, Wallace should stick to being a Gym Leader. I mean I like his type specialization better than Steven's, but as a character, Steven is just more awesome (across all Pokémon media even). I didn't like Juan as the final Gym Leader in Emerald, too, because I thought he was just a Wallace 2.0 (even though he was apparently his mentor in concept and in canon) and felt wrong being in Wallace's place. Plus the champion's typing repeats with the eighth Gym's typing, which I don't really like. Although that did happen in Johto, but Lance was in the final battles from the start anyway.

Had they chosen a different type specialization, a different character preferably not linked to Wallace, and created a completely awesome eighth Gym Leader for Emerald, then I might have preferred Wallace as the champion for bringing forth this awesome hypothetical character.

What about Drew? or Harley? I know he is an Anime character and I know he is into contests he still would have made a good gym leader, His pokemon are balanced and apart from Butterfree all of his pokemon are from Hoenn (Which he could replace with Dustox/Beautifly). I understand they wanted to use a water type gym for the last gym in Emerald because of where the Gym is located and I agree that Wallace had the same type pokemon, However you don't really expect to have to face another water trainer so some people might of boxed there grass/electric pokemon before doing the E4 as they are not need anywhere else.
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