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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

Adam couldn't help but burst into laughter. No, not at Mina's failure, but the fact that Aerous, one of the main authority figures in charge of keeping the higher-ups secure, as well as the one who was largely in charge of the security of the guests, was just dragged away by someone who was just a little jealous. Mina glared at Adam with daggers in her eyes; she didn't like to be laughed at. He also noticed tears welling up in her eyes. Honestly, he wasn't sure if he should comfort her, as she was in a very dangerous state. He tapped her on her shoulder and her eyes immediately darted to it. The thought that she was going to break it quickly entered his mind, but he decided to try his best to ignore it.

"C'mon Mimi, I'm not laughing at you." She looked back up at him again, this time with duller daggers. "Let's dance, I know you want to." He said, offering her his hand. Instead of taking his hand, she took the handkerchief that was in the breast pocket of his tuxedo and wiped her eyes with it, promptly folding it back up and placing it back in his tuxedo. He was a little irritated by this, but kept his hand out still. She decided to ignore him and looked past him, as if she were looking for someone else. Once she spotted...whoever it was she was looking for, she dragged Adam to another location. He'd never seen her act like this before, it was a little strange. He knew that she wanted to dance, but she didn't know why she was avoiding him. Was it that she didn't want to dance with him? Then why did she accompany him to the ball in the first place, he doesn't even like to dance.

Once she arrived at her destination, Mina pushed Adam and said, "You two have fun now!" With a playful wave and a smile, she darted off into the crowd. You 'two'? What is she talking about? Adam looked in front of him and noticed a familiar face. It was Xoxaa Illiphia, of the High Priestess Arcana. She looked lonely and- Oh, crap. A light bulb flickered in his head and he figured out what was going on. She was trying to force herself away from him so that he would have to socialize with someone. She was a lot more like his little sister, Marta, than he gave her credit for.

Still, he'd never actually met Xoxaa before, he simply knew who she was. He wasn't exactly sure how to approach her, so he decided to do a quick examination of her. Her eyes seemed to be darting from person to person, never exactly settling on one person or object for too long. She was clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation, and much like Adam, she didn't want to be there.

He walked over to her, with his hands in his pockets, and put his back to the wall adjacent to her. He didn't say anything immediately, and he looked down at her a few times before looking back at the crowd of guests. He was having trouble finding words that would comfort her in any way, he wasn't sure what he could say to her without coming across as a nuisance. "Uh..." He started, scratching his head as he often did when he was nervous. "You know, you don't have to stay here if you don't want to..." He swallowed and started again. "I mean, you seem pretty uncomfortable...and they can't force you to stay here..."
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