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Info: The battle of the legendary priestess Sakura and the evil shadow demon Orpheus, who's the ruler of the Shadow World. All this and the love for the demon lord of the western lands. Sesshomaru never thought he could fall for a human. But here he is, head over hills in love with, Rin's older sister. SesshomaruxOC

A/N: Be warned! This part is a major spoiler of what is to come at the end of this story. Read at your own risk. Sorry, for the shortness, but it's just the introduction part to the story. This is the only part that will have 1st person view in it. I normally don't write first person at all. I normally write only 3rd person view. There are two view points in this part. It jumps from 1st person, suddenly into 3rd person, close to the end of this part. You'll see why, if you read it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sesshomaru or any other cannons on the anime, or manga. They belong to there respected owners. This is just written for fun.

Note: Thank you, Lady1Venus for beta reading.


I never thought it would come to this. Here I was face to face, with the demon who would take my life. Was I scared you ask? No, I wasn't. It was very honorable to die for the one you love, after all. The shadow demon leered at me, and I leered back. I lifted my long Shikon wings, and flew holding my priestess sword in my hand. It glowed with a bright golden light,"I won't let you destroy everything I've come to love in this world!" I yelled.

"Ha! A measly human dares to challenge me! The great shadow demon lord Orpheus. This world will come to an end and you along with it, Priestess," Orpheus smirked at me. He flew at me. I looked down at Lord Sesshomaru, as he looked up at me, the hurt, and sadness showing on his face.

"I'm sorry," I said, tears streaking my face. I turned back to the battle at hand, as I took my sword focusing all of my powers into the blade and flew at the demon, running him though,"I won't let you destroy this world I've come to love! I'm taking you down with me!" I yelled.

"NOOOOO!" He screamed. His body started turning to stone and mine along with it. The last thing I heard before the blackness of death overtook me was Sesshomaru yelling my name and my younger sister, Rin crying. Unknown to me, it was not over though. Orpheus, the demon had just begun to fight.

"Ha! You sacrificed your own life for no reason," said Orpheus, breaking out of the stone Sakura had put him in. He then flew off. Although, Sakura did not kill the demon, she'd weaken him a great deal. It would take him hundreds of years to recover his strength. About 500 years actually, in which he would appear in the present time.

Right after Sakura turned into a stone statue though, there was a bright flash of light. What! Her powers were out of control and sending everyone to the present time,"What is this light?" Inuyasha wondered, shielding his eyes.

"I don't know!" Kagome yelled over the flash. Right after they all vanished in a bright light, the well vanished. Where they were going to to wind up, they would have no way to get back home.

Please check out my InuYasha fanfiction and tell me what you think.
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