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"Rin, could you help me with the laundry!?" Called the voice of a woman. She had shoulder length black curly hair, green eyes and her bangs were spiky. She wore a priestess kimono that was white and red like a normal priestess kimono. And she wore sandals with socks on her feet.

"Coming mommy!" Cried a little girl. This girl was known as Rin. She was a four year old child. She wore a dark red colored short yukata with a black slash tied around the belly area. She was bare footed and had long black hair with some of it tied to the side in a tight ponytail and she had spiky bangs like her mother and brown eyes. She ran up to her mother,"Mommy, where's Sakura?"

"She was called away again, on a long trip. You know your older sister, Rin. As a priestess she's often called away to help sickly people," Rin's mother grinned. Rin helped her mother fold clothes. Whenever her sister was away this was something, Rin often did to help her mother out. She adored her mother very much. The woman was very sweet and often spoiling her and her 12 year old sister, Sakura.

"And where is daddy?" Rin questioned, as she was handed a pair of underwear and just sit it in the basket. The two were removing the clothes from the clothes line, as they were dry now and needed to be put up.

"Away, hunting for dinner," the lady told her daughter. The girls' father was often going into the woods hunting often. It was also his job as well. He hunted down dangerous demons and killed them, to protect the village. The family was also a poor family. They had very little money. So, the only way they could get by was by living off of the land. They couldn't afford to go into town and buy things.

The family even made their own clothes. The only toy Rin actually had was a tiny doll, she'd had ever since she was born. It wasn't really much of a doll, but Rin loved it anyway. It was the only toy she had, ever gotten from her parents. So it meant a lot to her. It was just a brown colored looked ragged doll without much features to it. All it had was a balled head, arms, legs, three black buttons for the eyes and nose, and a string that was black sowed on for a mouth.

Rin was actually holding the doll in her hand right at this moment, by its arm. She'd always took the small doll everywhere she went. She never went anywhere without that doll. She was always seen with it. The doll was like Rin's trademark.

But it wasn't like Rin was the special daughter or anything, like that. Her elder sister, Sakura had a special something from her parents as well. It was a sword passed down from her mother, from her mother's side of the family. The sword was given to Sakura when she was eleven years old, coming of age to be a priestess. In their village a woman was allowed to become a priestess as soon as she turned eleven years old.

It was a sword that was said to belong to their ancestor, a legendary priestess by the name of Midoriko. It was said she died 500 years ago, in an ancient battle with a shadow demon of incredible strength. The demon's name was known as Orpheus and he had tried to destroy the world. Seeing as it was the only way to stop him, Midoriko forced her own soul out of her body, also making all her powers drain into the sword that now belongs to Sakura.

It is unknown who actually won the battle, but after the battle it's said Midoriko's body turned to stone. But she had already given birth to a son, a few years ago. After she had died the father, Midoriko's husband raised the child all by himself. And it then went on though the generations until coming to Sakura and Rin, each new generation passing the sword of Midoriko onto the oldest daughter, when she turned eleven years old.

That wasn't all though, that Sakura knew. Her father had also trained Sakura to hunt, since they didn't have a son. Normally it was the oldest son, who was taught how to hunt. But since they had no son, it was taught to Sakura. She hunted with a bow and arrow and was pretty good at it as well. She could turn her arrows into scared arrows, being a priestess and all. So, when she went hunting, for food, she had to hold back her powers, so she'd only shoot a normal arrow, not a scared one, less the demon turn to dust.

"Thanks for helping out, Rin," her mother smiled, interrupting her daughter's thoughts. Rin snapped her head up noticing, while she'd been deep in thought all of the clothes had been taken off of the clothes line and put into the basket below her,"Let's go inside."

"Ok." Rin took the small basket and her mother grabbed the larger one and she followed her mother into the house. The woman and her daughter, went and put up Rin and Sakura's clothes into the girls' room. Yes, Rin and Sakura shared a bedroom, since the family didn't make much money the house wasn't that big. There was two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room that was connected as one room. There wasn't even any hallways in the house. Everything was all jumbled up together.

"What time will daddy be home?" Rin asked her mother.

Her mother checked the time,"He should be back, any minute now," she told her eager daughter. The two of them then finished putting away the clothes in both bedrooms and Rin's mother took Rin into the living room and told the child a story. It was an enchanted fairy tale about a frog prince and a princess who kissed the frog, turning him into a man, where the two were married and lived happily ever after. By the end of the story, Rin had fallen asleep.

The child woke up hours later to talking. They were talking about what to have for dinner. Rin looked up at her father. He was a tall man, with short black hair and a mustache. And he wore a blue yukata and also like her mother wore sandals and white socks on his feet,"Ok, so she'll be home by morning then," said Rin's mother.

Rin leaned up as she noticed her mother had wrapped a blanket around her when she had fallen asleep. It was late in the evening, at about 5:00. She turned to her parents, getting up, carrying her doll with her as she walked over to them both,"Excuse me, but who?" She asked.

"Your sister," said Rin's father.

"Oh! You mean Sakura's coming back?" Rin asked, getting excited. She couldn't wait to see her sister. The two sisters had always been pretty close ever since Rin was born. Her sister had always looked out for her ever since then. Unlike most kids, Sakura had actually been excited by her sister's birth and agreed to always be there for Rin no matter what.

Rin and her sister had always played a lot of games together, mostly hide and seek. Rin would go somewhere, hide and Sakura would look for her. Although, Rin had always known the best hiding places, so Sakura was never able to find her sister, whenever they played. Either that, or Sakura just let her win all the time. Whenever Rin would ask Sakura about it, the girl would just get a huge grin on her face and deny that she was letting her win.

That wasn't the only thing Rin did with her sister. The two sisters would sometimes go fishing as well. That was something the girls liked to do together to help their parents out, with gathering food. Sometimes their father couldn't go hunting, so the girls would gather fish to eat. Sakura was pretty good at fishing, but Rin was just naturally better at gathering fish then Sakura was at it.

The two sisters would make a game out of it as well, to see who could catch the most fish within a certain amount of time. Rin being good at catching the fish, most times she was the winner. Though there were a few times where she'd let her guard down and Sakura would actually collect a few more fish then she did. But most times, no it was Rin who won that contest between the two of them.

But there were actually a few things that Rin wasn't very good at. One of them being using a bow and arrow. Even though, like Sakura, she's also descended from Midoriko, she had never been very good at using a bow. Her sister had tried to teach Rin how to use a bow, but Rin had, had trouble picking up on learning how to use the bow. As a matter of fact, Rin was actually still trying to learn, but she still had trouble with it.

Rin couldn't even pull the string back far enough to let the arrow fly. The child had actually cut herself on the arrow a few times during training, when Sakura would try to teach her. As a matter of fact, Rin had hurt herself with the arrow so badly at one point that Sakura was going to give up training her. But Rin had begged her, tears in her eyes to keep trying. Rin really wanted to learn. She felt it was very necessarily to learn. After all, one day soon, as soon as Rin turned eleven she'd become a full priestess just like her sister.

Using a bow would also help Rin to protect herself if she was ever in any danger. Right now Rin had no way of protecting herself if any danger were to ever fall upon her. She didn't really want to hurt anyone either. But at the same time, Rin didn't want to be a burden to others. She didn't like it, that her sister had to always protect her from everything. She wanted to be able to protect herself, even though she's only four years old. Rin didn't care. To her, age didn't matter when it came to life or death.

The family sit down to dinner after it was fully ready. Rin couldn't wait for her sister to get home. She got lucky. This time Sakura wasn't away as long as she normally was. There were times, her sister was called away on long missions. When that happened, she could be gone for weeks. Rin hated it when Sakura had to be away for long periods of time. But she knew it couldn't be helped. She was a priestess after all. And as a priestess it was her duty to help the sick and injured whenever possible, and those with other problems as well,"How was your day, daddy?" Rin asked him.

"It was fine. How's your training going, sweetie?" Her father questioned.

"Still having trouble. There's not much training I can do, without Sakura here," Rin told him.

"You shouldn't rely on someone else for your training Rin. I'm sure you could train yourself as well, if you put your mind to it. There are other things to being a priestess besides using a bow and arrow," her father explained.

"Really?" Rin asked.

"I'm sure your mother could show you a few things after dinner," he told her. Rin's mother looked up from her meal, smiled and nodded at her daughter, agreeing with her father. Rin smiled happily, and went back to eating her dinner. She'd always loved her mother's cooking. Her mother was a very good cook and could cook a lot of good things. She could take an organary fish and turn it into a masterpiece.

Rin was too young to really do any cooking of her own yet. Though every now and then, her mother would let Rin, make a sandwich. And she'd also help her mother pick vegetables in the garden, sometimes as well. She'd even helped her mother mix up a salad at one point, though Rin wasn't allowed to use any of the knifes, she got to mix everything up all together in a big bowl.

The family finished dinner and Rin went to help her mother wash the dishes. Then she took Rin out into the garden to show her a neat trick. She'd found a squirrel with a broken leg and pushed Rin's hands onto the squirrel's leg,"Focus on your powers Rin. Priestesses have healing powers and can heal the sick and wounded."

Rin nodded as she closed her eyes, focusing on the task at hand, trying to get her powers to emerge and heal the poor animal. But as much as Rin, tried nothing was happening,"I can't get it to work, mommy," said Rin.

"Don't worry about it sweetie. It takes time. Heck, your sister didn't even get it, until she was ten years old. You need to calm down Rin. See, the problem is, you're trying too hard. You just need to let loose, relax and it'll happen naturally," her mother told her. Rin tried it all evening until it was time to go in and retire for the night. Rin kissed her parents goodnight and went to her room to go to bed.

Later during the night she was awaken to a noise,"Who's there!?" Rin called out to the blackness of her room.

"It's just me, Rin," said a familiar voice.

Rin blinked a few times,"Sakura?"

"Ya, it's me, Rin," said Sakura. She went up to the child's bed and sat next to her, putting her arm around her sister, in comfort,"I didn't mean to scare you, Rin. It's morning, but it's still very early. You should go back to sleep." So, it was morning already, but it was still really dark out.

"Guess, daddy never actually said the exact time you've be back, just that you've be back by morning. And well, I guess it's morning, even if it is early," Rin smiled a bit,"Did you travel all night sister? You must be exhausted."

"I'm fine. I had to fight a demon on the way home, that was attacking a village," said Sakura.

"Really? What happened? Are you OK?" Rin asked, sitting up in bed, worry in her voice. Sakura would of seen the worry written on her face as well, if it wasn't so dark in the room.

"Don't worry about it. Just go back to sleep, Rin," Sakura told her.

"Ok," Rin nodded, as she laid back down, pulling the blanket back around herself and closing her eyes, letting sleep take her.

Sakura sighed, after Rin fell back to sleep,'Good thing she's asleep. I don't want her to know about this.' She used her priestess powers to make some light, so she could see. It wasn't enough to bother Rin, just enough for her to see by. She ran her hand along her arm where it was bloody, there was a huge gash where she was injured. She had gotten hurt fighting a demon on the way back into town.

Sakura sighed and got up heading into the bathroom, where she cleaned out the wound and bandaged it with the first aid kit. When she got in, Sakura could of woken up her parents and gotten them to help her, but it was about 2AM in the morning and she knew they would both still be sleeping, she didn't want to wake them at this early hour. Plus, Sakura didn't think the wound was that serious anyway. But it was bad enough that she didn't want Rin to worry about it.

Sakura kinda moaned a bit in pain as the cold water touched her skin, as she ran the water in the sink. She was trying to keep the noise down as much as possible,so as to not wake Rin, who was in the next room over, sleeping. It wouldn't be good if she woke up, came into the bathroom and found Sakura like this.

Sakura sighed again, as she wrapped the bandages around her injured arm. She then changed into a sleeping yukata, hoping that Rin wouldn't notice her arm and question her about it. She threw the bloody kimono into the clothes hamper.

As she walked out of the bathroom she remembered, the fight clearly. That demon had put up one heck of a fight with her. No wonder she was injured. She had actually gotten off pretty lucky considering the demon she was fighting, was one of the most dangerous types of demons. It was the type that takes on the appearance of a human. It was just a raccoon demon, but it was very strong for what it was.

The demon had been attacking an innocent village, trying to sneak away with a young woman. Sakura had then been called upon to save the woman from the demon. And during the rescue attempt she had been injured. But she'd still managed to save the woman. Once the demon was shot with one of her arrows that was all it took to bring the beast down.

She wished she could of used her sword, then maybe she wouldn't of gotten injured in the fight. Sakura had been trying to learn how to use the sword, but had trouble learning. She was no sword master after all. That was for sure. Sakura didn't even understand how to wield a sword, much less fight using one. So she just stuck with her bow and arrows to fight the demon. Which of course was a bad idea.

To win the fight she had to make out like she was weak and pretend to surrender to the demon. As he had walked up to her to kill her though, thinking she could no longer move, Sakura had pulled out an arrow without him knowing it and waited until he cut her in the arm before pushing her powers into the arrow, stabbing it straight into the demon's chest, killing it, saving the poor woman. After thinking about all of that, Sakura climbed into her bed and like Rin, she let the darkness of sleep over take her.

The next day, Sakura was trying to once again teach her younger sister how to use a bow. Once again, Rin was doing it all wrong. She was actually trying to hold onto that doll of her's while trying to aim the arrow at the round target that Sakura had placed onto the tree for her,"Rin, if you want to shoot the arrow your going to have to put the doll down."

"But why?" Rin questioned her. She gripped her doll tightly, to her chest not wanting to put it down.

"You don't want it to accidently get ripped do you?" Sakura questioned back.

"I guess you're right," Rin sighed, placing the small doll down at her feet. It flopped over on its side as she sat it down. She then tried again with the arrow. Once again the arrow just fell from the bow at her feet, not going anywhere.

"Maybe you're just not cut out for this Rin," Sakura sighed.

"But..I am! Please! I can do this if I keep trying," said Rin, begging her sister, to keep helping her. Sakura sighed and kept training with her sister until it was time for lunch.

As the two ate someone came up to them,"Are you Priestess Sakura?" He asked.

"Yes I am. What can I do for you?" Sakura asked him, back.

"Please, my wife is very ill. I need your help," said the man.

Rin sighed,"But Sakura, you just got back."

"Please, I just live, in the next town over from here," the man begged. Sakura sighed and promised Rin, she'd be home soon. After she ate she left with the man. They both headed to his home.

Sakura was then invited inside. She went to the woman's bedroom and looked her over,"She's not ill. She's only pregnant," said Sakura, after looking her over.

"Pregnant? Really?" The man was shocked to hear this.

"You mean you didn't know?" Sakura asked him. She then turned to the woman,"When was your last period?"

"Two months ago," replied the ill woman.

"Yup, you're pregnant. That is why you are ill. Here, take these. They should help you," said Sakura, pulling a bottle of pills out of her medical bag.

"Thank you so much," said the man.

He reached out to pay her,"No, I don't need money. This wasn't really anything much that really required my attention, in the first place. So, keep your money," Sakura told him. He thanked her again, and Sakura left his house, heading back home.

Unknown to Sakura though, while she was away, her house was being attacked by demons. It was a group of them. They were actually bandits, but they were also demons. Demons who took up a roll as bandits and broke into people's homes like any other bandit would. Rin was coming out of the bathroom just then and smelled smoke,"Rin! Get out of here!" Her father yelled.

"Daddy!" Rin yelled in fear, showing a frighten look on her face.

"Get her out of here!" Her father yelled to her mother, as he fended off one of the bandits, trying to keep him away from Rin. There was fire and smoke everywhere around in the room. Rin coughed as she inhaled some of the smoke.

Just then she saw her mother come running at her, where she then grabbed her and ran to the door. Right when they got to the door, Rin's father yelled bloody murder as one of the bandits ripped right though his chest, out the other side. The man fell over dead, and Rin yelled for her father to get up, tears in her eyes. But it was no use. The man was dead. Her mother then jumped out the window with Rin in her arms, getting cut by the shards of glass. But she didn't care. All that mattered to her was her child's safety.

"Mommy! Look out!" Rin cried.

She pushed Rin away from her,"Rin, run! Find Sakura and get to safety. Please! You must do it, for me," her mother begged her.

Rin squeezed her doll tightly to her chest, as the tears ran down her eyes and she shook her head, no. But just as she was about to try and pull her mother away from the burning house another bandit came up and stabbed her mother straight though with a sword. She saw her mother die in a pool of blood right before her very eyes.

Rin yelled at the top of her lungs as she stared at her mother's dead body and looked towards the burning down house, where she had just witnessed her father's death as well. Rin backed away in fear, clutching her doll in her hand as the bandit approached her getting ready to kill her.

Just then a scared arrow flew passed Rin, hitting the guy straight though, killing him on the spot as his body turned to dust,"Get the f**k away from my sister!" Rin heard Sakura yell.

Rin turned and saw her sister. She ran up to her, hugging her. But Sakura was in too much of a rage to really hug her back. She continued yelling at the bandits, suddenly sounding like she'd lost her mind,"You're going to suffer a very slow, painful death for what you've done! ALL OF YOU!" She actually took out her sword as she sped at all the bandits slashing and cutting like a man woman. A few villagers who had nothing to do with this at all came up to help and in her crazed state, Sakura cut them up killing them with the blade as well.

Rin didn't even know what to do. Her whole body was in shock at seeing the blood fly everywhere, soaking her sister's kimono to the bone,'Please! Stop!' She wanted to scream at her sister. But no sound would come out of her mouth. She was so shocked and frighten, she couldn't even speak.

But then suddenly right after killing the last villager, Sakura got knocked on the head by a flying rock, making her drop her sword. It seemed like the sword had something to do with her massed craziness, as after the sword was dropped Sakura snapped out of it. She noticed the fire was getting closer, so she grabbed the sword putting it back into its holder and grabbing Rin, who was sobbing, holding her doll, turned and ran away from the burning down village, as it burned until it was no more.

After Sakura got Rin to a safe place she sit the child down,"Rin, are you OK?" Rin looked up at Sakura scared as she backed away in fear of her sister,"Rin! Why are you scared of me? You know I wouldn't hurt you. I'm sorry you had to see that. I...I don't know what came over me. It was like I couldn't control myself."

Rin hugged her sister sobbing, not saying a word, just crying,"I'm sorry Rin. I know this must of been hard for you. It'll be ok. I'll take care of you. I promise," said Sakura. She picked up her sister into her arms and carried her off until they found a place they could stay. However, the villagers hearing about what had happened would not allow them in the village, so they had to stay in a cave, nearby the village. Ever since their parents died Rin refused to speak.

Sakura figured maybe Rin had just lost her voice from the fire and smoke. Not only did Rin inhale a lot of smoke, she had also been so scared Sakura figured the child had gone mute from fright. She'd get Rin talking one day, she figured. She just had to be patient is all. Just be patient and wait.

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