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Well, first, just to get the snarky bit out of my head - I would presume that if B/W hadn't introduced any new pokemon, a good number of the people who have spent all this time complaining about the new pokemon would've just spent all the same time complaining about the lack of new pokemon.

That said - for me - if there hadn't been any new pokemon, it probably wouldn't have been worth even bothering to play the games. I have no particular attachment to pokemon from other dexes, and I've always been sort of disappointed when old pokemon show up in a new dex. Don't get me wrong - I like a lot of the older pokemon and in fact virtually all of my all-time favorites are from past dexes. It's just that I've already played the games with them in them, and if I want to use those pokemon again, I can play those games again. New pokemon are what interest me the most in the games - not the story or the region or the battles or any of that - the new pokemon. That's the biggest reason I play the games - to see and get to know them. The whole point, to me, is to catch something, then to use it. Find out what it's good at or not good at, see what kind of moves it learns, find out what it evolves into and what that's good at or not good at and what kind of moves it learns. That's what keeps me interested, and as soon as I've learned all of that for a new generation, my interest starts to drop. I still keep playing them at that point, since after I get to know what all the new pokemon are, I want to breed and train and assemble the best possible team. That conveniently works out about in time for the third (or third and fourth now) games, and the extra post-E4 content they tend to have. But once I've done that, I'm about done with the game, unless I get the urge to completely restart it and do a nuzlocke or a mono or something of that sort. But for the most part, as soon as the new pokemon become as familiar to me as the old ones, I start looking forward to the next game, and the next set of unknown pokemon. So when a new game comes out and I play it, only to discover that many of the pokemon in the new dex are the exact same things I've already seen, battled, caught, raised, bred, trained and ultimately boxed, I'm sort of disappointed. But when I first started playing White and discovered that ALL of the pokemon in the regional dex were new - that I wasn't going to see one single pokemon I'd seen before until after the E4 - I was thrilled. That's exactly what I've always wanted anyway. If, on the other hand, there had been NO new pokemon, there just wouldn't have been much reason for me to play at all, when I could just go back and use the same pokemon in the old games if that was what I wanted to do.

'Course, that's just my opinion....
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