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A shout out to Maruno. I honestly don't think this guy gets enough appreciation for what he does. He has always helped people with their problems and he gets nothing in return. He took on a project as big as this, and I rarely ever see him given thanks for it. About 70% of the users of Pokémon Essentials have no coding experience whatsoever, and they are always asking for tricky or very implausible features for their game and their game only.

But I just wanna say thank you Maruno, I really appreciate the work and time you've put into this over the last (has it been almost two years now?) year or so. I haven't seen any thread like this in this forum, and to be honest I think it should be allowed.

Now, so that this doesn't get locked:
Do you think Maruno gets enough recognition and thanks for this project. Why?

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