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    Originally Posted by Laugh View Post
    Username: Laugh, but you can call me Hannah.
    Location: Quezon City!
    Signature, Partner, or Favorite Pokemon: Reshiram.
    School Level: Grade 6, about to graduate!

    Your thoughts about Plagiarism?
    I honestly don't care about plagiarism. I usually just listen to the news and shut up. They're just ruining themselves.

    I can't believe I haven't seen this club! Plus, nakaka-nose-bleed na yung kaka-English. lol
    Your accepted, sorry for the late reply I've been busy with school and hacking.

    Haha, lol. Nakakanosebleed tlga haha... xD

    Originally Posted by Jaypz View Post
    well guys congratulations to our very own Ms. Janine Tugonon for winning 1st runner up in Ms. Universe ^_^ proud
    Yes, congrats to her, she really did great. [s]But, I really think she should have won. xD

    Anyways on Daniel Evans' account it says there that he passed away from a hiking trip accident... :(

    May he Rest In Peace. Ket us all pray for him.