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Fester and Rose
The shopkeeper smiled, "Why don't you just take them, and maybe pay me off another day? It is just a game you know."

Rose bowed graciously, "If it was only game I wouldn't be this fearful all the time." She said gravely. "I must thank you though, I can't stress how much this helps us." She walked to the group, "Guys we should go to floor 4 and train as much as possible for the next boss. If all goes well, and we grind enough, then you will participate in the next boss okay?" She pushed them out of the store. "Just wait out here for a bit."

The shopkeeper looked up from doing inventory, "Is there anything else? I can't give you too much you know!"

"No it isn't that, I'm just saying thank you. Fester and I will send or bring supplies whenever we can." She turned toward the door, and without turning around, "Hope to see you again."

Outside Fester was thinking to himself, mostly about his memory. Now that he thought about it, he had no memories of the first few days of the game. He couldn't help but wander if there was some magic or science behind it. Then his mind wandered to less deep things like what to kill, and who the last boss was. 'If we get to the next boss, I'm going to solo it! And then you guys can have the loot, because I'm just that nice to NPCs!" He said suddenly. "Lets get to floor 4!" He ran with his speed skill to the teleporter and jumped through. Rose was left with the lowbies.

"Well, I suppose we should go... I think he may have forgotten his fear of sand." She remembered the last time they were on the 4th floor, the first time they had actually done something as a group. "Watch out for sand worms and stay close to me when we get there, especially you Kamui."
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