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    The Gold Tribe had left the catacombs long ago,and Defender the entire tribe, but now they were faced with a new road block: A Ninetales. She went on to tell the present Gold Tribe members that she was a sister with the title of Bane. She also said that she was the sister of Calamity. The Swift hadn't know Calmity for more than an hour or so, but he felt great respect for him. The Absol had given his life during the battle to take down Ignus. It takes a true hero to do something of the sort. The memory gae The Swift a pang of sorrow. He felt like the whole ordeal was partially his fault, since he started the town's riots, and that had called the Sentinels there in the first place.

    The Ninetales said that she would think about it, and something about an older brother, but The Swift wasn't listening. He was having one of his flashbacks again. A dead Ancient here, a dead Ancient there. A young Jirmonji Slynt stands in the middle of a ram-shack town that was torn down by the Ancients, with three of his brothers-in-arms. His actual brother, a young Medicham, and an old Charmeleon. "Apollo, Zen, check the remaining buildings. Jirmonji, you're with me." The older Scizor barked to the gathered members. They scrambled to carry out his orders, and The Swift followed his brother loyally, much like a love-sick puppy. They were scanning the perimeter when they heard a nearby branch snap. As if from nowhere, a dozen ancients materialized and swarmed the village, looking for cover or a defensive position, completely unaware of the other two members. One was nearly upon Apollo, the Charmeleon, but neither of the foes saw each other....until The Swift called out, "Apollo!" The Ancient Kabutops spun around, saw the Charmeleon, and speared him with his scythe-like arm.

    The Swift glanced around and noticed that it was just a vision...although it did worry him a good bit. Perhaps he felt guilt for Calamity's death, much like he did for Apollo's. The Charmeleon would probably be alive right now if Jirmonji had not called out to him. I'm a damn brother-slayer...He thought to himself. It was his fault that Calamity was dead. He drew the Sentinels to Albia.