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    I can't tell how much of your list is legit but I'll separate it and answer it accordingly.

    - The fact that it's not a 3DS title
    - The titles have gone back to colors rather than metal/gems
    - The main trainers are older than 10
    - A female professor
    - Pokemon evolving later than usual
    - The fact that said sequels aren't on the 3DS
    - HMs aren't constantly used often in the story
    - Cheren as a Gym Leader, ruining Blue's uniqueness
    people will whine about anything.

    - Sequels instead of an anticipated third version
    ??????? third versions were always lacking in content and people whine about how little there are changes, now that there are changes people whine about too much ??????

    - The Kami trio being recolors
    - The Kami Trio getting new formes to make them look different
    - Removal of the Battle Frontier
    - The Pokemon World Tournament

    ps. I love the PWT.

    - Garbador line
    - Vanilluxe line
    There are always "stupid" pokemon.

    - Unlimited TM use
    This is a good thing.

    - Unova's linearity, which has been explained by the developers
    Because every other region was not linear and backtracking is fun.

    - The difficulty setting
    - Healers in caves
    Pokemon was never hard, and if you want to make it harder, don't use the healers. Problem solved.

    - BW's story
    Pretty sure people whine about older games having no story as well, so...

    - The Dream World
    - The Dream Radar
    Don't like these; don't use them.

    - You don't face the champion after beating the Elite 4 until post-story
    - Kyurem can't be caught until post-story
    I've typed "whine" so much it has stopped having meaning.

    - The starters' performance in battle
    This is one of the few legit points, but it's not like they're absolutely terrible. Now you don't feel bad about using something else for variety because they're not massive powerhouses.

    - Iris as champion
    - N in general
    That's an opinion. I happen to like both characters so I have nothing to say.

    Which leads me to the last real criticism I can find on the list.
    - No VS Seeker

    tl;dr whiners gonna whine.
    Brony represent.
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