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    Rules and Regulations

    1. All Pokemon Community rules apply.
    2. No Hacks. I don't trade hacks, so you shouldn't either. If you trade me a hack on purpose you WILL be reported and we WILL do a trade back. If you or I trade a hack unknowingly, then we will do a trade back. If you don't want to do a trade back, then you must give me a pokemon with equal value.
    3. No public Pokecheck pokemon. I check my pokemon there, I know! I do offer some public events as it is inevitable to have them not be public, however they are either under 5 public or not public at all. Any publicity questions can be seen here: Click Me! I've noted all public pokemon and how many for you convenience
    4. I use Pokecheck to check the stats/IV's/EV's of the pokemon.
    5. Be respectful and don't rush me. School has started and I have a life outside of forums.
    6. I CLONE my pokemon! If you don't like it, then leave.
    7. All trades should be conversed in this thread. Unless otherwise asked, do NOT PM/VM me.
    8. I will only wait in the wifi room for 10 minutes. No more, no less.
    9. Say Thank you!
    10. Have fun.

    Trainer Information

    4th Generation

    Diamond: N/A
    Pearl: 0562 2737 2115


    Shiny Pokemon
    Any Shinies I don't have also any Flawless!

    Event Pokemon

    Different Natures/Characteristics of the events I don't have.
    Onemuri Pikachu
    Toys R Us Arceus
    WISHMKR Jirachis

    Trophy Case

    Flawless Movie Keldo
    Flawless Singing Piplup
    Flawless Meloetta


    ~RNC~ Thank you for getting me started on my Shiny collection!
    TwilightBlade for being my mentor and creating this CSS!
    Sworn Metalhead from Serebii for the Banner!

    I love battling (though i'm no good) and Shiny hunting.

    File Trade: Yes!
    IGN: Flyer 3DS FC: 4012 5240 1274 TSV: 0538