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    Originally Posted by Tman109ner View Post
    o.O Sorry if I sounded offended. I was just trying to joke around I figured that you would do something like...

    Should I edit it to end it with a "capture attempt?"
    Yes, thou must. For you see, Stray Pokemon also need to be inside a Pokeball so that you can ATTEMPT to catch/befriend/something them, they always end up caught, but if the reasons that lead your character to befriend them must be real enough for you to keep them, or else, you'll be told to release them, this no being optional.

    BTW, sorry for not replying, didn't saw your post

    And hereto, yes, it seems like you'll have to do another SU since it wouldn't be fair AT ALL to let you back just like that when everyone around is trying so hard to do a perfectly fleshed SU for our last spot. But as long as you can Wow and Impress me, you'll be okay.

    As for Ninja Dude. Just a few things. Tucked socks are a NU-UH. And, why is his head bald at age 16? O.o Not that I like a peculiar character, but what's the reason for this? Is it genetic or something? And this disease, it, um, what? It really sounds not really believable that the son of a woman that lived in a wood and straw overcome this disease with apparently no help? And you still kept a terrorist-esque event in the History section, who would hate a kid that overcame a rare disease, anyways? I could understand that they would make fun of him for not being able to do anything for more than three years, but, burning his house just because he had a disease?! This part MUST DISSAPEAR T.T And, who sends his son away thru a forest and Arceus knows what else when he could easily be taken care of ANY other adult, and even if I were to accept this, how did he survive for three years on the road trying to find his uncle?! HOW DOES A 10 YEAR OLD SURVIVE THREE YEARS ON HIS OWN?! It still looks incredibly un logic, y'know? Your backstory doesn't have to be awesomeness itself, your characters can leave a normal, peaceful life with little to few highlights in their lives and still be fascinating!

    I probably missed some stuff, and if I did, Torn will most likely post about it anytime soon.

    BTW, I'm back as GM, but Torn is my Vicepresident of Assistant-ness so she will still nag you every now and then

    And I'm a dude T.T not a girl, D-U-D-E!

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