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Originally Posted by 1ninjadude1701 View Post
When Marcus was born the doctor came in to tell his mom, Isabel, that Marcus had a rare and terrible disease. The disease was to make it so he could not talk, read, write, or do anything normal for that matter. His mom couldn't afford to hear that and prayed for help. By the age of three and six months Marcus could finally walk normally and was learning to speak. Marcus had overcame the disease completely and was viewed a hero by everyone on his town.
I shouldn't even need to add anything about the rest of the character because of this. This alone — this... making him out to be destined for total retardation from birth, and somehow able to overcome it before he's even able to do any of that crap in the first place, let alone without any explanation of any of it — is just a huge freakin' no. And being "viewed a hero"? Why? Why is a baby viewed as a hero? He overcame common baby obstacles (WAAAAAAY earlier than a regular baby, too, so he's gotta be some kinda mutant to be able to support the weight of his own body so well at three months)! He didn't save an ambassador's life, or protect a village from a swarm of Pokémon with nothing but his filthy, disgusting diaper! I'm sorry, but just... just no. I see no semblance of logic and reason in this at all, and you obviously didn't research what you were using.

I mean, I'm all for unique, quirky and awkward characters, because they can be just the right level of cool, but seriously, this is just BS cranked up way too far past eleven.

I will be moving my account to Songbird over the course of immediately. The signature will stay as is for posterity and reference.
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