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    Genevieve L’esprit
    Thieves forest, the flames were an overall improvement, Genevieve thought. Nothing like a little fire to deal with the old festered weeds to make way for new life. There was no doubt in her mind that the Silver Tribe had been victorious. The Gold Tribe whelps were one thing, but she would lose much respect for her comrades if they lost to these sniveling, pathetic excuse for criminals. Granted, she should have been here. They needed a victory, it was good for morale and an army ran on its morale. She covered her mouth from the acrid smoke that wafted from the charred remains of this patch of forest. The bodies of thieves littered the floor, if they could even be called bodies at this point. This great conflagration wasn’t kind to any organic material, flesh included.

    These bodies, they should be of the Gold Tribe, not these mere pestering thieves. She should be lording over the dead bodies of that insipid leader of theirs. Beside him should be Ragnaros, that fighting type pokemon who was brazen enough to challenge her earlier, and even Hanso, should her attempts at converting him end in folly. It would be even sweeter if Hanso was the one to light the fire, to ignite his precious Gold Tribe from within. Their pestilence had walked this planet long enough, it was time for them to be smelted and formed into the crowning glory and victory for Lord Auron and herself.

    Slowly the smoke began to clear from her vision and she dropped her arm back to its natural resting place. The time for dreams and delusions of grandeur was for later. Spying two sentinels on the horizon, Scar and Inferno, she steeled herself for any potential inquiries that might be coming her way. Where was she? Why hadn’t she been here under direct orders of Auron? Where did this information come from? Of course, she wasn’t required to give them any information. They were all of equal rank and in her opinion, the others of lesser mind.

    As she approached the other two, a nearby ancient quickly dropped to its knee in show of respect. “My lady, Genevieve,” the Kabutops called out, his gaze averted to the ground. She only groaned in response. Such a repugnant little species, an ancient bug that should have been squashed long ago. Their appearance most unbecoming, what with those long scythes and all. The very scythe of its right arm which was was now lain across his torso over his heart, or where Genevieve assumed the Kabutops heart was.

    “Leave us,” she answered the ancient melodically, her tone serious and with an air of unguarded disdain. The pokemon responded instantly and without question. Just as she spoke the order, he departed from her sight to go do whatever drudgery his kind did to keep this army going. “I assume you’ve received my message?” Genevieve turned to her two remaining companions, crossing her arms and staring at them with a scrutinizing gaze. “It is my opinion we should mobilize immediately. They are hopefully unaware of my intel, we should be able to blindside them and end this conflict once and for all. What say you?” As much as she hated to admit it, this wasn’t a one woman army. It was necessary to confer with these pokemon if she had any hope of taking on the Gold Tribe. That was of course, unless Auron himself intervened in her plans.