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I find it strange some of you are shocked by this, to be honest. :( Then again, I had to hear some pretty ugly stories about kids even worse than this when we went over behavioral problems in one of my classes. I vaguely remember them though, but I remember about one kid who went through early childhood normally and had urges to kill in later childhood and such. It was pretty sad, honestly. But I digress. I do agree with the school on this one. When nothing fails, perhaps this school isn't the place for him and he can find the therapy and treatment he needs elsewhere.

In all seriousness, they should seriously get the kid checked out. He might have a condition that makes him more violent than normal. Not sure who I pity more though, the little kid or the people he attacked.
Mmhmm. They definitely need to get him assessed and have him in some type of therapy before it gets worse. He's only a child right now, but if this goes unattended for a long time, it could amount to something more. I'm not trying to say that all children that behave badly have something wrong with them, but when you take into account that nothing the school could do seemed to help him, then there's an underlying condition at hand. I hope he gets the help he needs though. I really do.

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