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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
It's no secret that lots of our food is processed, engineered, or otherwise created with the help of labs and scientists. More and more people are growing overweight, developing diabetes and other health problems. Connection? I think so. What about you?
Medicine also happens to be created with the help of labs and scientists, and people are using more of that than they used to, too. I suppose next you'll be telling me that medicine causes obesity? The problem is that people aren't eating a balanced and nutritious diet, not that their food isn't "100% all natural." That doesn't matter in the slightest.

Are we not really as bad off as some people say? Should we live in a "buyer beware" system that puts the burden on the individual to know what they're eating and stay healthy? Do we need more transparency? More nutritional education? Is the answer to the obesity problem a matter of exercise rather than diet? Anything else you want to bring up?
Educating people on nutrition is precisely the solution, and the inanity of your first paragraph actually makes me surprised that you'd suggest it. People should be educated on what sorts of foods available to them at local stores are healthy or unhealthy and in what portions they should eat them. They should be educated on the role of exercise and how it affects weight and overall health. And then, they should be left to their own designs; if they choose to eat unhealthy and not get enough exercise, that's their choice to make. I eat a mix of unhealthy and healthy foods and exercise very little. It's my decision to make, I'll probably die a bit early because of it, but that's none of your business.
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