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    To be honest I loved the way Schneider played Pa Kent on smallville, but when I heard Costner suggest that MAYBE CLark should have let that boy die.....I was hooked....let me explain why..

    Since his inception, superman was pushed as having a superhuman body, but a human heart.....basically he is a common man with uncommon physical abilities....

    The thing is, MOST comics and movies got it wrong by pushing superman as someone who was just as indestructible emotionally as he was physically and THAT was why he became boring to so many people.....Every hero needs something in their lives that challenges them and gives them a run for their MOST cases, it's some supervillain that keeps a hero honest...but when you have an overpowered hero, you are going to have to play up his emotional side as his weakness......We humans can be loving and helpful creatures, but we can also be resentful, spiteful and angry creatures who act on impulse and regret it later on.....

    Superman wasn't raised by JEsus, he was raised by a pair of humans...meaning he is farrr from perfect...yet time after time we see him making the right choice and always being in control....SCREW THAT ****!!...What stops him from getting angry and on impulse shoving a guy through a concrete wall?...what stops him from resenting the world that rejects him and destroying the military vehicles that are shooting at him?....

    He will ,of course, learn to cope with these emotions and make the right choice in the end...just LIKE US...and thus superman will have a huge following of fans WHO CAN FINALLY relate to him....
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