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    Chapter One: The Undercover Operative

    Blizzard's story is a long one indeed. Now let us go back to the beginning, when he was just a normal trainer like Ash, Misty, and even Brock...

    It was the morning of Beko Miyako's 13th birthday. He woke up to the cry of an Eevee. Now, Beko was fascinated with Eevees and the ways they evolved. He loved how Eevees could evolve 5 different ways. In fact, he devoted much of his time to the study of Eevees. He loved Eevees so much, he carried 6 of them with him. He wished to evolve 5 into the different "Eeveelutions" as they were called, and for one to remain an Eevee forever. He believed that Eevees might just be the cutest Pokemon ever (even cuter than Pichu!!!) He knew that said a lot, but he meant it.
    But back to the Eevee. Now the Eevee waking Beko up was the cry of Shimmer, the Eevee he pegged to be an Espeon someday. "Good morning, Shimmer..." he stated sleepily.
    "Beko! Good to see you again! Will you feed me and the rest of the Eevees?" Shimmer replied. Now, Beko had taught all of his Eevees to talk, just for the sake of better communication. Beko took out 6 cans of Pokemon food, filled up 6 bowls, and happily watched his friends chow down like there was no tomorrow. When they were done, they all cried, "Happy 13th Birthday, Beko!" at the same time.
    "Thanks, you guys..." he muttered, satisfied with his little friends. Just then, Beko's mother came in.
    "Beko? A man wants to see you."
    "Oh boy! What about, Mom?"
    "It's your father, dear. He has a present for you."
    "Oh? What is it?"
    "Come down and find out, son."
    "All right. Come on down, everybody."
    Beko and all 6 of his Eevees went to the front door. "Hi, dad," Beko said happily.
    "Hi, son," Mr. Miyako replied. Now, Mr. Miyako had secretly joined Team Rocket, and was on a mission to capture his son for experimentation. However, neither Beko nor his mom had a clue about the operation. "Come on, I'll drive you to where your present is."
    "My present's somewhere far away?"
    "Yes, actually, it's at the Team Rocket base."
    "Why there, Dad?"
    "Because, son, no one would dare steal it there."
    "Oh. Okay."
    And so, Beko's trip to his destiny began...

    Author's notes: How's that so far? Trust me it gets better. Even if it stinks, it'll get better. So stick around, please.

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