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    Originally Posted by Raikiri View Post
    Thank you. You are much too kind~

    I'll say this much: catching up to most of my RPs feels good. Hopefully I won't fall behind again haha.
    Har har.... Now if only I was in this.... we can make more epic co-op posts! xDDD SAO's been riding the wind nowadays.

    I shall be waiting with baited breath... and maybe decide to make a SU in the future if spots become empty (even with this being a sandbox and all xD)
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    Guess that anime!
    Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Boy is heartbroken and mulls around until BAM, he turns into seksay winged bishounen who catches the attention of girl but falls for girl's twin sister who falls for boy who falls for HER and-

    Confusing? Betcha.
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