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    In order to fully convey the necessary point I must descend into slang - haters gon' hate.

    Seriously, that's what it seems to come down to to me. There are just a number of people who were bound and determined (and a surprising number who still are) to hate this generation (or IV, or III, or II...), and that's just that. The reasons are secondary - most of the time, they don't even seem particularly well thought out, and a disconcerting amount of the time, the people expressing them haven't even played the games - they've just already decided they hate them because... whatever.

    I say just let 'em be. If someone wants to waste their time and energy hating games that they haven't even played for reasons that don't seem to make any sense anyway, that's their right, and their problem. It makes no difference to me, or to my enjoyment of the games, just as it made no difference in Gen IV or Gen III, and won't make any difference in Gen VI, when there will be another whole raft of people who hate the games because... whatever.

    Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
    Only reason people say it is easy is because they are use to the games. You know the weaknesses, you know what to use and what not to use. These games are probably harder for new people, not people who have played forever.
    The "too easy" bit especially amuses me. I have to wonder how many of the people (at least the ones who have actually played the games) who complain that they're too easy are going through with a team made up of past generation starters and level 100 legendaries. So yeah - of course it's "too easy," but that's because they 're using uber pokemon. If they don't want it to be so easy, they should park the level 100 Rayquaza in the PC and try a level 30 Axew. Or better yet, a level 10 Purrloin. I guarantee it'll get a whole lot more difficult in a hurry.
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