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    Originally Posted by roseraderocks View Post
    name:roseraderocks (call me rose)
    fave 2 pokemon: oshawott and mudkip
    reasons: i use the water type every time i start my ds games and i lik both oshawott and mudkip 1. they're both super cute
    2. they have beastly stats and movesets
    3. they have the ability to use many types of moves mostly ice
    in my opinion water types are beasts

    First,I want to say,how can Oshawott and Mudkip ave beastly stats?Maybe their final evolutions have beastly stats but not those two.I don't want to start a fight but don't you mean their final evolutions have beastly stats?Well,maybe they have average stats but that's all they are.

    @Courage Hound

    Maybe an evolution of Tentacruel would look have 4 red glowing orbs.Maybe it would weigh about 200 lbs. and be 6 or 7 ft. tall.It would have 4 blue sharp things under under the body along with many Tentacool.It could have the blue sharp things spin at high speeds like a drill.Maybe it's name is Tentadrill.It's stats could be so high that it can be a Psuedo-Legendary.
    Psuedo-Legendaries are one of the best pokemon that aren't legendaries.Kingdra is the only non-legendary water/dragon type and Game Freak turned that down.It could've been a Psuedo Legendary.Game Freak could've made higher stats for Kingdra.We need Psuedo-Legendaries to beat other pokemon like electric and grass.

    Conclusion:Water needs Psuedo-Legendaries!

    One more thing,Water needs to be super effective against bug because bugs are hopeless when they are in water.And Water needs to be resistant to bug.