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Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Yaya Aizawa

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15): 10

Sex (Male or Female): Female

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: See my profile picture

Personality: She is from royal family, but acting really childish. She is rather clumsy but always want to help everyone else. She is good at ballet, pokemon manzai, battling but not really good at studying! She always talk in childish way.
She is really sensitive if in angry mode but really kind if in happy mode. Very annoyed if been not notice by anyone else because she want to be look up like baby.

History: (Oh boy -___-")
She is born in Sinnoh region, she is from royal family that have 5 mansion in total. She become really lonely because her parents never give any attention.
She become childish and always want a big attention from everyone else, but she want to have many friend to close the door of her loneliness, that is why she searching for a school like PTA. But before it, she befriend with 2 pokemon and making attention plan at PTA soon...Hehehehe...Maybe she doesn't really good at studying but she'll try the best for it!

Pokémon: Togepi and Lombre
Species: Spike Ball Pokemon and Water Weed Pokemon
Nickname(Optional): Togemi and Lova
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): They two are like a duo comedian, always been together, Togemi is more loyal in battle for Yaya and Lova always playing around with Yaya
Lvl(Max 25): both 20
Togemi : Ancient Power, Psychic, Shadow Ball and Double-Edge
Lova : Solar Beam, Energy Ball, Fury Swipes and Ice Beam

Am i pass? Tell me ASAP