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    Hello! This is my first Fanfic, and my first post on Pokécommunity other than my introduction, so please be gentle! I gave this a G rating since a 7-year old's mom let me read this to their kid, so it should be good on that front. I have more chapters, bur I want to see what people think before I post them. Please enjoy!

    Chapter 1

    "Hello, my name is Indigo. I live in a small island town called Rivedge located just South-West of Cherrygrove city in the Johto region. I am thirteen years old and have moved here from Icirrius city in Unova. Tomorrow I get my first Pokémon from Professor Juniper's second lab. She came here to study a few of the Pokémon normally native to Johto, but have appeared in Unova. We all know that it's because Elm is just focused on eggs, and pretty much nothing else. She isn't here right now, but she said her assistant, Rosa, would give me and my friends Kaiden and Nim (Who still live in Cherrygrove) our first Pokémon! Wow, it's really getting late, better go to sleep; But WHAT ARE those noises coming from the lab! Uuhg... Better sleep..." Indigo said, as she clicked off her audio journal and fell asleep.

    Indigo rubbed her eyes in a futile attempt to wake up. "Why do I keep reading and journaling so late?" she wondered, trying to wake up.
    After about ten minutes of trying every trick in the book, and some that weren't. Indigo succeeded in waking herself up. Calling downstairs, "Mom? Is there something I need to do this morning or did you set my alarm for fun?" "You're going to get your first Pokémon today!" Hurriedly getting dressed and running down the stairs she shouted "Professor Juniper's new lab?" "Right" "Thanks!" And she ran out the door.

    Indigo ran next door to see the lab looking like someone had let Tyranitar loose again, with smoke rising from the roof and debris everywhere. "Ookay, I don't think I'll be getting my first Pokémon today" she muttered under her breath. Hearing voices coming from inside, she opened the door a crack to see what was going on; and almost gasped when she saw Team Rocket uniforms! They can't be Team Rocket She thought, They were disbanded twice! First 5 years ago and again 2 years ago! They really can't take a hint, can they? Breaking out of her thoughts for a moment, she heard something. "Chik... Chiiiiik... Chikorita..." Snapping her head to look at where the sound came from, she saw a wounded Chikorita holding a dirtied Pokédex in its mouth. "Oh no..." She said, quietly closing the door and picking the Chikorita up. "Let's get you home to bandage and put some ointment on those scrapes."

    There we go, I've posted it! Thanks for reading!
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