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Well, today has come & gone for the most part without any ill effects. That can only mean one thing: The people who thought that the Mayans predicted the end of the world to be at this exact date are nothing more than paranoid schizophrenics.

The Mayans have died off before they could come up with another calender, so we can't say for sure what they had in mind past that era. But one thing is for sure. Humanity cannot predict the world's ending, as it's impossible.

Thus, my bottom line is, the end of a calender from an ancient civilization =/= the end of the world for all of mankind. With that, another apocalypse conspiracy theory bites the dust.

& for those who committed suicide today because you believed in this actually happening, this is my parting gift for you in the afterlife, as you all have made a fatal mistake, literally.

Now, mind locking this thread up, please? I've had more than enough of this nonsense, & I'm very sure everyone else did too.