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    In a real life setting, would you go to live in the chilly environment of your partner(s) granted your with them?
    Fatty the Mamoswine and Snowy the Walrein
    Why:They might not be a super uber type or anything but I still like them.Like,water(My favorite type),they have even stats all around.Plus,Walrein is water/ice.I also like them in terms of advantages.They can beat uber types like ground and dragon.They can beat many common types like flying and grass.
    Topic Answer:The really cold places may not be my favorite place.I've had an experience when I was young and I didn't like it.I used to live in the West Coast and in the mornings,it was cold.But,I did like some of it.I've never really lived in a place with snow though,but when you are with an extinct elephant with furs and a fat seal that has blubber that can withstand ice and fire,I think I'd live in a chilly enviroment.