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    Xoxaa Illiphia

    The High Priestess

    "You two have fun now!" blurts an unfamiliar female voice with a playful tone, breaking Xoxaa's thoughts apart and throwing her head up to ascertain the new situation.

    "Who the hell is this clown?" she spots the intruder of her peace.

    Xoxaa's corner didn't keep its sovereignty for long. A girl she didn't recognize brought along a whipped boy, also unfamiliar to her, and since there wasn't anyone else in the immediate vicinity, the girl must be referring to Xoxaa. Her personal space had been abruptly intruded upon by unwarranted strangers and she wanted them gone, and while one of them, the girl that came off as an obnoxious moron to Xoxaa was kind enough to vacate the scene, she left with Xoxaa her own whipped baggage, drawing Xoxaa's eyes back towards the ground in anticipation of the boy's soon departure. However, his encroachment only escalates, trekking closer to Xoxaa before planting his backside against the wall. The man glances at her a few times before returning his gaze to the center of the ball, clearly analyzing her, causing her to bring her arms further into her lap and look away from the strange white haired man, her gaze averting downward and remaining silent.

    "Uh..." he mutters, probably in an attempt to start up conversation considering his nervous tone and his face refraining from looking towards Xoxaa, only causing the girl to clench herself tighter and look further away, visibly upset and extremely uncomfortable.

    "You know, you don't have to stay here if you don't want to..." gulps the man, struggling to speak but nonetheless continues with his ceaseless, invasive dribble. "I mean, you seem pretty uncomfortable... and they can't force you to stay here..."

    "What the hell!? Get the hell away from me!"

    There is no sign that the guy wants to leave the area, and Xoxaa, too upset by the circumstances to maintain much of a conversation, resorts to her last option, even though it may be incredibly rude, but at this point, she has no choice. If people wont respect her space, all she can do is escape the area and find a new sanctuary.

    "Please leave me alone," she states strongly as she throws herself out of her seat, her voice strong yet soft but still her eyes remain averting away from the man as she begins to walk, picking up her bag of supplies and leaves her formerly unoccupied safe haven in a sea of chaotic madness.

    "I hope he doesn't try to follow me," she pleads to herself while scouring the ballroom for an unoccupied space and dodging the clusters of people dancing, keeping to the emptier parts of the room.

    Her search soon leads her to find something else of intrigue. A food and drink table, sparsely populated with a few people now and then quickly grabbing what they want before leaving. However, one anomaly seems more intent on staying there. A dirty blonde haired man, with a tall, well proportioned build gorging the contents of the food table. He seems more occupied by stuffing his face, so Xoxaa decides to approach the table and examine irs contents as well, hoping that the two of them and keep their distance from each other by focusing solely on emptying the table of sustenance. The girl's hungry eyes lit up as soon as she spots platters of lunch meat slices and cheese, a few crackers of many varieties, and a few paper cups and flavored drink dispensers. It may not be a place to sit and avoid people per-se, but people will be unlikely to harass her at a table where food is the main interest of those who arrive there. Still, she keeps her eyes and ears open for any disturbance that might approach her new social bunker.
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