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    @Lilizuki -
    Chanel the Ralts is now Level 8!

    Adelaide earned 550 from the battle!
    @Rune Alchemist -
    Received Treecko (Level 5)!
    Treecko is now Level 9!
    He learned Absorb!

    Ariel earned 500 from the battle!
    @Curious -
    Oliver caught Taillow (Level 4)! [Ability: Guts ; Nature: Brave]
    Taillow is now Level 6!

    Feebas is now Level 10!

    Oliver earned 550 from the battle!
    Oliver received 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, 2 Cheri Berries and 2 Persim Berries
    @Sarah -
    Hera the Heracross is now Level 10!
    She learned Aerial Ace!

    Sarah caught Poochyena (Level 4)! [Ability: Run Away ; Nature: Naughty]
    Sarah received 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, 2 Cheri Berries and 2 Persim Berries
    That's about it~ Sorry for the delay guys. Chapter 2 is coming up

    Chapter 2: Oldale Town

    Oldale Town. A small town that is located at the end of Route 101. It is bigger than Littleroot Town, having more houses than the former, and is also surrounded by forest trees. The residents are friendly and rather close to one another. They welcome new trainers who pass by the town on their journey with freebies, though one of the reason they do this is because new trainers are usually the only people who bother to pass through their town. A Pokemon Center and PokeMart is located here. The Pokemon Center is a medium-sized dome-roofed building, while the PokeMart is small and blue-roofed. Flyers of different discount offers for newbies are posted on the glass doors of the Mart. This is part of their “welcome” for the new trainers.

    To the far right of the town is Route 103. Normally, trainers pass through here to get to Petalburg City, but the path is currently under construction. If you ask someone, they’ll say that some crazy goon had decided to blow up that place. Police are scattered around that area, looking for clues on who has done the crime. They suspect that it was from one of those organizations who steal Pokemon.

    To uppermost part of the town, however, is a path towards another route. This one leads to Route 102. You can’t pass through the path that’s blocked, so…

    Pokemon you may encounter:
    Rattata, Caterpie, Zigzagoon, Sentret, Lillipup, Wurmple, Burmy (Plant Cloak)

    - 200
    - 300
    - 100
    - 200
    - 250

    - NPC trainers can be found and battled in this area
    - Players are allowed to interact here, but they are not allowed to “say” that they are from the real world. Just hint.
    - Other players can figure out that they are from the real world, but no OOC metagaming, please c:
    - Level cap is 13 (If people level up too fast, I’m probably going to have to lessen the amount of level you can gain from 1-5 to 1-3, or apply EXP if I see the need to)
    - You can't pass through the path towards Route 103.

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