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Marcus de Telarius and Ari Terranci- #3 The Empress & #8 Strength

Marcus had barely a chance to react before the impulsive Camellia thrust the two sector leaders together. He glared at his younger sister as she made her way to the other side of the room. Marcus shook his head, making a mental note to deal with her later. He still hadn't gotten a chance to talk with her about what she had done wrong on the ship.

Marcus's eyes focused back to Ari as she discussed foolishness of attack on the ball. Marcus agreed, though his approach was that the possibility of attack became impossible simply because those who protected the island continued to do so, never giving criminals a sign of weakness. Though he never got a chance to say so as she moved onto another question. Relaxation. Marcus hadn't been able to relax in quite a while. He wasn't sure he knew how. He also wasn't sure it was entirely appropriate, especially while on the job.

Marcus was about to tell Ari that he would prefer her to refer to him as Marcus, but she surprised him with the suggestion that they dance. That was the second time some had suggested that they dance that evening, the first time with Annabelle, though Marcus would be the first to admit that he would much rather have danced with Ari (especially since she apparently knew how). Marcus thought about it for a moment, but Ari never gave him the chance as she stepped in and placed her arms loosely around his neck. He made no attempt to stop her, deciding that two sector leaders dancing here would be more than appropriate, as Marcus should be socializing as well as maintaining security.

"I must admit, Miss..." He stopped and corrected himself, "...Ari, that I never knew you were like this. We never have socialized that often before." He said to her, staring into her lavender eyes for a brief moment, which he found quite lovely, before looking around once more as they twirled, making sure everything at the party was in order.

"There's a lot that you've yet to figure out about me," Ari chuckled a bit, she couldn't believe that she was actually going to say this, "But there's plenty of time for you to learn and us to socialize, if you're up for it?" She hoped her question didn't linger too long but she also wanted him to put thought into his response. It was common knowledge that his first responsibility was to Sword as hers were to Intelligence. Then there were the duties she felt exhausted him to the point where he no longer yearned for conversation.

Marcus looked down at Ari as they slowly twirled in a circle again. "By all means." He said politely. "It is more than appropriate for two sector heads to have a more personable relationship. It could work to strengthen our understanding of each others' sectors while providing more coherence and lucidity in our service to Regalo. I can see by the way other sector's members behave that some are quite different." He looked over to Annabelle from a distance as he said this, shaking his head before returning his gaze to Ari, giving her a small smile.

"Business as usual though I agree," She mirrored where his eyes went and consequently regretted that moment as her eyes fell upon Annabelle. A couple behind the Apprentice unfortunately caught her attention and bristled her more than Annabelle, Camellia and Aerous. She turned back in time to see Marcus smile, it quickly became one of her favorite physical characteristics about him especially since it was rare to come across, which lead Ari to treasured it. "Speaking of which, how about that pairing of suborinates?" She paused their dancing for a bit in order to fully witness Camellia disgrace herself by accompanying that Adept to the dancefloor.

"Oh...", Marcus began, his smile instantly dropping, but clearly not wishing to publicly display his disapproval for her taking up with Aerous, whom he viewed as lesser than Camellia. She should have decided to socialize with someone more fitting of her stature in society. Thankfully, he was able to cover this up in the last second with a turnaround hit on Aerous instead. "He...he should be waiting by the staircase for Nova and Felicita!" He said aloud, wondering if he should end his dance with Ari and go separate the two, sending Aerous back into his position by the stairs and Camellia away from the man. Perhaps he was being a bit of an overprotective brother, but he convinced himself he was intead acting on his duties, or more particularly Aerous's lack of his own, instead. However, he stopped himself from heading over as he soon saw Aerous leave Camellia and take his spot back by the staircase. A small smile formed across Marcus's face again, pleased with the discipline of his subordinate. Perhaps his constant lecturing was beginning to pay off, but then again Aerous did always take direction well. "Ah..." he said aloud, returning his attention to Ari once more. "Alls well that ends well, I suppose." He took a moment to gaze back at Camellia to ensure the two had parted.

Ari observed his face as he took notice of his only sister with his Adept. "I'm glad he was chosen instead of you," In an attempt to further their intimacy Ari gradually moved her hands upwards to feel his golden brown hair between her fingers. "You suppose? Well seeing as he's not in my sector and I don't have to pretend to be cordial to him... I don't like members who can barely form a whole sentence. He may be able to slice with a sword or whatever you guys do with them!" Her inexperience with sword terminology was quite evident in her remark about her companion's Adept. "The guys got less brains than that dog that wonders around here. She most certainly can do better... Maybe you could teach a little something about physical combat? If you're not too busy, I know how invested you are in your work. I mean I've heard about it." A worried Ari prayed that Marcus wouldn't question how she knew about his work ethic. It would be easy for her to pass it off as Camellia story but in reality a curious Ari took matters into her own hands and found out by her own means.

It was at the touching of his hair by her fingers that Marcus initially became aware that this dance was probably a lot less professional and a lot more personal than he originally thought. But perhaps he was simply overthinking, and this was normal socializing. Marcus wasn't sure at this point. It wasn't his normal mingling he was used to. His first thought should have been to cease at once, perhaps end the dance there and return to maintaining his professionalism expected from him, but for whatever reason, he didn't. His reassurance to himself was that it was completely harmless mingling. It was still new territory to him. " generally impale them for the most effective means of...well, never mind." He said in a lower voice, a tad bit flustered by the obviously unexpected conversation ambience. He cleared his throat and tried to compose himself as he attempted to gain ground back to normalcy in the conversation.

"It would be my pleasure. I would always have time for you..." He quickly corrected himself. "That is, ensuring that La Famiglia's members are well capable of defending themselves is something I'd always have time for. It is, after all, apart of my duty."

His actions indicated to Ari that she hadn't overstepped the boundaries but she knew that she was on the line. Satisfied that she didn't cause him to flee her attention returned to the conversation at hand. "That it is, you wouldn't want me telling Nova that you're slacking..." The tone of her voice came across more humorless than she wanted. In an effort to assist her own joke she tried to genuinely laugh but it came off as more of a hoarse cough. "I'll take your word for it and hold it as a promise so don't you dare disappoint me. People who do, well, I'm sure you've heard the rumors?" An inquisitive Ari liked to keep track reputation within La Famiglia and on the island of Regalo. Her treatment of the members seemed to cause a general dislikeness to those who had yet to interact with her.

Marcus chuckled a bit, lightening the mood. He could feel himself relax a bit, enjoying the company of Ari. "Indeed I have, Ari. Indeed I have."

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