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This is an original RP of my own design that incorporates various elements from fantasy stories/games such as the Final Fantasy series. There's no limit to how many can join (although I'll stop accepting when I feel too many have joined) and if you are interested (after we have a decent number of people who have joined) I may let you play as two characters.

The Story

Welcome to Cloud, one of many cities floating in the skies of the world of Aeterna or standing on its surface and Aeterna’s largest city. Cloud is a beautiful, technologically advanced city with a large intricately designed arena in the centre. This arena is one of many and is where many sporting and entertainment events occur, in particularly battles between gladiators. Not fights to the death like the Romans (although deaths often occur) but refereed sporting events where powerful individuals compete for money, for honour and most importantly for the entertainment of the citizens of Cloud.

Cloud is a generally peaceful city and is the capital of the empire controlled by the Creyan, the royal family whose main branch resides in the palace of Cloud. The Creyen Empire is currently ruled by Armos Creyen but he has recently fallen (terminally) ill and he is in the process of selecting his heir (this is how these events are determined in the royal families of Aeterna). If he chooses a corrupt and/or power hungry heir, all hell could break loose.

Despite how it appears; Cloud is such a peaceful place due to the presence of the Enforcers. Those with power who choose to serve as the police and guards of Cloud. They have a rocky relationship with the Gladiators and answer directly to the royal family who rule the city. The Enforcers have been ordered to pay particularly close attention to the Gladiators as the royal family fear an uprising against them and the exposing of their corrupt ways. There is a chance that things could get pretty dicey in the near future with those who possess powers (that do not belong to the enforcers) becoming more and more oppressed.

Your Character

Your character is either a Gladiator or an Enforcer (although I’m looking for one or two people who would like to be members of the corrupt royal family) of Cloud.

As a Gladiator you will compete in fierce battles within the colosseum to entertain the crowd and improve your rankings and deal with the oppression of the Creyans and Enforcers. Your life is slowly but surely becoming more and more difficult and all but a few Gladiators are now living in very small apartments in various districts across Cloud. That being said Gladiator’s are rarely poor, they are forced to live this way by the royal family and spend most of their money on new equipment for battles.

As an Enforcer you answer to the commands of the royal family: it is your job to prevent crime, guard the city and the royal family and to keep an eye on the powerful Gladiators. You’ll have to deal with the general disdain of the Gladiators and their various efforts to stand against the oppression of the royal family.

As a member of the Creyens, the royal family that rules over Cloud and several other cities you live a cushy life due not only to your own prestige but also thanks to the support of criminal syndicates that pay you off. You and the rest of your family are becoming anxious off the growing power of the Gladiators that entertain the citizens of your cities, especially those situated close to your palace in Cloud and are using both your power as a royal and your underground connections to oppress them and keep them under your control. You’ll do whatever you can to keep your power, impress the King and vie for the eventual control of the throne.

Character Races
Character Races have an influence on what your character will specialise in and on physical appearance.

Human – Humans are widely found throughout the various Empires of Aeterna and make up the majority of both the religious Haoran Empire and the Creyen Empire. Humans do not possess the same athletic ability as some of the other races but are known for their ingenuity, skill and adaptability. The Creyens and the majority of the High Priests of Haor are human.
 Humans are the jack of all trades race. They are not as physically powerful as Gargans, intelligent as the Caalmun, naturally magic orientated as the Moku or as agile as the Feshiet. They can learn almost any skill however and tend to develop interesting methods of using their power.

Gargan – Large, grotesque creatures with bulging muscles and thick, grey skin. The Gargan are ugly that is for sure and are genuinely not as intelligent nor as technologically advanced as other races, but they are wise due to their traditions as hunters and storytellers and are very athletically inclined. Few Gargan choose to leave their tribes and move to the cities of the three major empires but those that do will either become employed as shock troops by the governing body of the city of become gladiators. They are widely discriminated against by humans.
 Gargans are physically very strong and are very durable. They tend to have weaker abilities in regards to magic and elementalism but have regular skill at energism and great physical prowess and endurance. They are brutal combatants in battle and their attacks are hard to defend against.

Moku – The Moku are the avian creatures that make up the third Great Empire. They are tall and feathery possessing taloned hands and feet as well as large wings, beaks and a feathery tail. All Moku have some level of telekinetic power and are both very talented craftsman and scholars. They follow no real religion (but do believe in the afterlife) and worship knowledge and the arts above all else. The Moku are ruled by a Democratic Council of Elders and remain closed off from the other Great Empires for the most part although Gladiators and tradesmen sometimes turn up in other empires.
 Physically the Moku are not particularly strong but they are born with natural telekinetic abilities and are usually very talented magically and with wind elementalism. They are about as durable as a human and are not particularly agile while on the ground but in the air they are formidable. They have far keener eye-sight than other races.

Feshiet – Tiny creatures that live in both the Haorin and Creyen empires but also have their own smaller home empire. They have a cat-like appearance with large, pointy ears and thin, bushy tails. They tend to have some shade of brown fur. They rarely become Gladiators but many are associated with selling equipment to them.
 The Feshiet are not a particularly combat oriented race but to have some interesting advantages in battle to balance their disadvantages. They are not particularly strong physically and have poor durability but are very nimble and agile making dodging clumsy or inaccurate attacks easier. Their magical abilities are fairly average but they can become quite skilled with enough training, particularly in white magic. They have incredible hearing and do not tire easily.

Caalmun – Humanoid creatures with grey or white skin, large black eyes, no hair and thin stature. They do have a neutral home empire far away from the Great Empires that control the majority of Aeterna. They are sceptical of the beliefs of the Great nations (the power hungry Creyens, overly religious Haoran Empire and obsessive Moku) and spend their time peacefully. They are the most advanced nation who builds incredible technology (including the generators that make the floating cities utilised by the Creyen and Moku possible). They are entirely neutral to the other nations and during war time refugees usually flock to their marvellous cities.
 Though rarely found in a combat situation, when in combat the Caalmun rely on their advanced intelligence and their natural resistance to magic. They are physically a bit weaker that humans and are a generally frail race but are very flexible and can scale a vertical wall due to miniscule hooks in their hands and feet. Magic does little damage to them but they do not deal well with physical hits, they make up for the by specialising in well build shields and technologically advanced long ranged weapons.

There is a map of Aeterna pending. At first only the Creyen Empire will have anything to do with the story but as we progress through the story other nations will become a part of it.

Creyen – As discussed above
• Capital – Cloud
• Major Trading City – Breeze
• Major Military City – Cloud or Storm

Haoran – Following the religion of Haor which forbids floating cities, collects a large tithe from members and worships mysterious gods known as The Haor. The principal belief of these people is that death is sacred, to die is a privilege and that it is their sacred duty to help bring about the apocalypse when the time comes. They maintain an uneasy trading relationship with other nations but do not think fondly of any of the other nations.
• Capital – Hemos
• Major trading city – Talduun
• Major Military City – Fatalon

Moku – The empire is composed solely of the species and thus follows their beliefs
• Captial – Neeton (aka The Nest)
• Major Trading City – Cuurin
• Major Military City – Ensten

The Gargan Tribes – These tribes are nomadic and each group follows their own chieftain
The Feshiet – Are allied with the Creyen in case they are in need of defence (they call their soldiers Panthas)
• Capital – Shom
• Major Trading City – Shom or Malann

The Caalmun – The Caalmun Empire is situated on one large Island
• Capital - Utopis
• Major Trading City – Menta

Important NPCs
These characters may or may not be involved in major events.

Armos Creyen – Not nearly as corrupt as most of his family he has kept his nation peaceful for as long as he can but as he slowly dies from his mysterious illness it is getting harder and harder to maintain a control on his nation and his family. He is currently trying to choose an heir.

Nocturna Creyen – Armos’s daughter and the woman in charge of The Enforces. If she is allowed to become the Queen of the Creyen Empire she will oppress the Gladiators further, going as far as to draft the majority into the Enforcers at a low level. She is in favour of going to war with the Haoran nation.

Mardok Creyen – Armos’s son and an influential member of the family with a lot of control over trade and finances. He is heavily involved with crime syndicates and is strongly against a war against the Haoran. He is in favour of tighter regulations on Gladiators.

Arlotts Creyen – Armos’s younger brother and the ruler of the city of Breeze. He is a highly regarded member of the family and one of the chief candidates to be Armos’s successor. He intends to expand the territory of the Creyen Empire both in the Sky and on the Ground. If he becomes the next king he intends to exile both the ambitious children of his brother and immediately move in on the Haoran’s and Moku’s territories. He is deeply afraid of the passive Caalmun due to how advanced they are technologically.

The Pope of Haor: Samael Herron – The current leader of the Haoran Empire and a hugely powerful summoner. He negotiated a treaty with Armos but is preparing to go to war upon his death.

High Priest of Haor: Demis – A religious fanatic who rules over Fatalon, he is awaiting orders to attack Cloud via winged creatures.

Shalaak – The current leader of the Moku.

Iccus – The great entity that defends Neeton. The Nest has never been successfully invaded due to this powerful creature and he serves the Moku willingly.

Figori - The leader of the Caalmun.

Shiminon - The oldest living Caalmun at 450 years of age. She is the inventor of the anti-gravity technology used extensively by the Moku and Creyans.

Character Rank
These will determine what kind of control over their powers characters have as well as influence what they can do with them.

As a Gladiator
• Gladiator Master – The highest achievable rank, few are considered a master. Mastery of many powers.
• Elite– The second highest rank. Most Gladiators at the peak of their career are at this rank but this is the second smallest group.
• Adept – An Adept is someone in the middle group. Adepts are about tied with Initiates as the largest groups and have average ability but quite possibly a lot of potential.
• Initiate – The least skilled and where beginners start out in rank. If they win enough (and don’t die) they will soon become Adepts.

As an Enforcer
• Knight – The highest rank and those who liaison directly with members of the Creyen Royal Family.
• Commander – The second highest rank and the highest commonly present on field duty. A number of commanders will report to one knight and will be in charge of one district of a city.
• Lieutenant – The third highest rank. Small groups of Squires are lead by Lieutenants on patrols and missions. Lieutenants report to the commander of their district.
• Squires – Squires get given the worst jobs and put up with the most awful bosses just to serve their city. If they follow orders and complete missions they might find themselves soon being promoted.
• Recruits – Recruits are yet to be placed on active duty and train under a lieutenant in an academy in their city. Squires sometimes pick on recruits as they are the only ones with a lower rank than them.

Guidelines for the abilities characters can possess.

Elementalism – The ability to create and control Wind, Fire, Earth or Water. To have control of multiple elements you must be at least an Adept or Lieutenant, to have mastery of multiple you must at least be an Elite or Commander.

Energism – The ability to channel mystical energy into a ball and throw it. A very common power that is not particularly strong until you reach Elite or Lieutenant level.

Telekinesis – Unless you are a Moku this is a rare ability, the more you train and the higher your rank the more powerful your ability. Telekinesis is difficult to use on a living being.

Summoning – A powerful and rare magical ability that allows you to call forth mystical beings. A summoner can only possess one other, far weaker skill due to the strain of summoning. The higher your rank the more powerful a monster you can summon.

Black Magic – The ability to manipulate the world around you in an offensive manor (giving bad luck, sleep spells, inflicting pain or exploding things for example). Those at low levels will only posses weak jinxes or stunning abilities whilst those at high levels will be able to do things like cast sleep or pain spells and cause explosions.

White Magic – The ability to manipulate the world around you in a defensive manor (creating shields, curing ailments, healing injuries and restoring good luck for example). Those at low levels will only be able to heal minor wounds, create weak shields or remove a minor ailment but higher levels will have a mastery of these skills.

Other – I’ll leave this at your discretion but I reserve the right to decline a choice of ability.

If you think of something not on the list it doesn't matter, I'll let you know if it is okay or not.

Swords – Can be of any size or shape. But be realistic a human wouldn't be able to hold a sword the size of one a Gargan could and a Feshiet would be lucky to carry a normal sized sword at all.

Double-Edged swords – The choice weapon of the Haoran Empire, migrants from there will likely possess one.

Knives – Throwing or close combat your choice.

Spears and Pikes – The preferred weapons of the Moku since they can fly and are telekinetic throwing weapons are a big advantage for them.

Staffs – Those who specialise in Magic or Summoning like these since you can easily channel energy through them.

Axe – Gargans love to use very, very large axes. But they can be in any size same as a sword.

Bow and Arrow – Rarely used but great for accurate long range attacks.

Harpoon Gun – Used only by the mostly peaceful Caalmun these are basically portable, shoulder mounted canons that with pulling of the lever on the side launch two sharp spears at foes. These are not easily obtainable outside of being a Caalmun guard.

Shields – Your character may carry a shield in the place of a weapon.

Summon Ranks

Divynants – These are hugely powerful beings that require multiple people of immense skill to summon. It has been theorised that the mysterious Haor may actually be a group of these that had once been unleashed on Aeterna during a great war. One such being is Iccus, the Lightning Bird, an enormous, green avian creature that defends the city of Neeton.

Xalonts – Large and/or immensely powerful creatures than can only be summoned by Elites, Masters, Commanders, Knights or a powerful person not of either the Gladiators or Enforcers. Think dragons, hydras that sort of thing.

Gigants – Generally quite large and of a fairly high power these can be summoned by very skilled Adepts/Lieutenants or anyone of equivalent or above power. Think chimeras, basilisks, gorgons etc..

Megants – Of average size and/or power, can be summoned by Adepts/Lieutenants or anyone of equivalent or above power. Think Gryphons, Werewolves, Phoenixes etc.

Simlants – Weak summons that can be summoned by pretty much anyone with summoning knowledge such as imps, small hellhounds and mutant animals.


Age (16+)
Appearance (Clothes under armour and physical appearance, images ok):
Armour (Must be grey/blue plated armour if an Enforcer, images ok):
Main Weapon:
Secondary Weapon and/or shield:
Powers (Max 3, 2 if one is summoning):
Other Info:


In between major storyline events or minor objectives directed towards your character you will mostly have the freedom to do whatever you wish. Minor objectives unless directed at your character will not HAVE to be completed by all characters however major events in the storyline will need to be followed through by everyone they concern.

This may seem like a complex RP but the rules are fairly simple.

• All Forum Rules apply
• You mostly can do whatever you want within the scope of your character.
• Any specific missions or storyline events will be posted by me in the OP
• Don’t try to make your character too good.
• If you want your character to change from an enforcer to a gladiator or vice-versa consult with a GM.
• The winner of a combat situation can be decided by negotiation or in some cases by GM decision
• If you need to leave the RP your character has to die
• Don’t go against any storyline evens posted in the OP
• NPC characters can be created at will but cannot be too significant
• Minor NPC characters can be controlled by anyone
• Relationships between characters are allowed but be reasonable people
• Upgrades in rank are decided by the GM after character development
• The successor to Armos will be chosen by the GM and may even be an NPC
• Be patient and respectful

If you have any queries or notice any errors please let me know on here of via a VM/PM. I'll post the IC soon.