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ONLY FOR NEVERUSED POKEMON (click for the NU Pokemon list!)

So basically we all wish certain Pokemon had certain moves or abilities to make them more viable in the tier they're used in. Sometimes it's an unreleased Dream World ability, while other times it's wishful thinking for a move tutor to bring in a future generation, or just... wishing for a fourth ability.

This thread is where you can discuss that - someone mentions a Pokemon, with a new move and/or ability (nothing too strange for that Pokemon, ofc, like Golurk learning Aqua Tail or Torkoal learning High Jump Kick) and everyone else replies to that and discusses it as to how it'd fit into the tier. This one ofc is just NU-based, so nothing relating to other tiers, but you can discuss whether it'd still be viable in NU, what'd counter it, and so on. Keep in mind to use the actual NU thread for actual current metagame discussion, though.

Note: you could just mention what if Golurk had Levitate, for example, without needing an extra move, and vice versa! Just reply to what I brought up and if discussion slows for a while, bring up another Pokemon.

What if... Musharna learnt Recover, and had Magic Guard as an ability?

I think it'd be really good in the current NU metagame. It'd be the bulkier version of Duosion, which'd probably see less use with Musharna around, considering it has higher HP, could not be hurt by hail and could just set up all it likes without being destroyed by Burns or Poison. Skuntank's use would probably increase given that it wouldn't have to rely on Moonlight and had the superior Recover, and so would Golurk probably - to take out opposing Musharna as well as taking out Skuntank. My favourite thing of Rocky Helmet on Musharna would probably actually be used by people, given that physical attackers will be used more against it, given that it'd be able to set up easier, with it not being hurt by Poison/Burns. I think it might be a big force to contend to, especially in Hail, really.

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