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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Well, first off, I'd like to say the first three icons are very well done. I really like the colors in them. Especially the first and the third one. Mickey's is..well, a little underwhelming compared to the other two, imo. Mainly due to positioning and maybe due to unavailability of interesting shades of colors like the ones in the other two. Anyway, yeah, good job on those.
^ has some problems, though. You probably went for a gradient map for this one. But I think you went a little overboard. The image has some really dark areas due to the excessive amounts of contrast which kinda ruins it, imo. I also feel that the face has been over-sharpened. The colors could do with some more work as well - it looks really dull right now. This one's done well, btw (although monotone). Other two are brought down by lack of focus. Second one's MUCH better than the last one - pretty much because for some time I couldn't even tell wtf was going on in the last one. :p But yeah, there's no focal in the second one and colors aren't as interesting as they could be. Saturation might help a bit but the problem largely exists in placement in this picture. I would've gone for their faces or their bodies individually. But trying to fit so many different characters in a small space like those in icons lead to overcrowding and lack of clearly defined focal. So yeah, best to steer clear of multiple entities in an icon, imo. :D The last one could've turned out much better if you hadn't gone for over-sharpening and over-saturation of colors. I think you've used a gradient map here as well. Try to limit their use a bit. Your icons should not end up looking overly-contrasted or saturated due to the gradient maps. I generally use them to even out the colors. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, when you use 'selective colors', sometimes saturating a specific color might lead to an imbalance in the colors. Think of an tag which mainly comprises of red, blue and yellow. Now if you saturate the red and leave blue as well as yellow as they are, the red will begin to contrast with the blue n yellow part of the tag too much leading to sloppy colors (using this for the lack of a better term :p). Gradient maps help balance colors to a certain degree and that's what I use them for. Oh, and do mess with the opacity as well as blending mode (I don't really know what this is called so I just use the term blending mode. :p It has all sorts of modes like "Lighten", "Soft Light", "Overlay", "Difference" etc.) of adjustment layers all the time. The results might surprise you! :D

As for the tags, I'll probably comment only on the last one for now. Let me start by saying this: THAT TAG IS FREAKIN AWESOME. It has some really good flow, the text is pretty darn good, effects really work in favour of the render and render itself is nicely placed. I just wished you had messed with the colors a bit more or had experimented a little more with some other effects. A little red wouldn't have hurt. Needn't even go for some different c4d - just a red variation of the one used here could've done the trick. Also, just a tip - the parts which need to be sharp are the focal and the foreground effects. Background effects are generally supposed to be blurry. If you try and apply this tip in your stuff, you'll probably be seeing tags with better depth. :]

Hope this is satisfactory for now! Will probably post my thoughts on axel and m2 tag later.
Derozio! I can't thank you enough for taking your time to write this wall of text. I'll seriously try to implement some of the suggestions you've put in here. :D

You like the first three icons? That is surprising for me, because that was when I just went with simple approaches in making them. I think I know why now; like you say, I went overboard with the tinkering and manipulation for the other icons. D: Of those four, I'm glad you liked the third one, though! I'm proud of how it turned out because it sort of conveys the atmosphere of a calm, seaside sunset. I also realized that I turn the scales for the contrasts, sharpening and saturation a bit too much; and I will try to use them in better ways like you pointed out next time I make them. I'm also going to try to limit the characters for the icons too, haha, because like you say, each one has to have a focal and it's hard to define it with more than one character in the image. ^^;

Ahh, thank you! <3 I think the good points that you mentioned about that Resonance sig were stuff that I kept at the back of my mind when I was making it, so I am relieved and overwhelmingly happy that that showed in the finished product. :DD I think I missed a lot of chances to experiment with that, too! I'm really afraid to do that when I make tags though, just because I make them so sparingly that I have to be reminded with the basics every single time. Which is why I just stick to what I'm comfortable with. u_u But now that you say this and that I have a gallery to update, I think I'll start to experiment a bit more just to see how I fare with these techniques. :D And yeah I got the blurs mixed up, no wonder it looked weird (the back was even more detailed than the stuff in front, I mean that's not how it works irl, haha; unless your eyes are focused on the bg instead of the foreground). XD;

Again, thank you for the comments everyone! <33


First tag since creating this gallery, so for me, it's like a return to the process of making them. I mean it's been a while since my last tag, so yeah. |D I kind of went with a simplistic approach, although sadly it still took me a long time to make it, much like the rest of my tags. u_u No icons yet, but I will try to make some soon. Let me know what you think. :)
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