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The Ditto Engine is a project to create a fully functional Pokémon game engine in Python.

-standard map support: multiple layered maps from Tiled, collision detection, connecting maps
-animations: ambient (like flowers) and triggered (like grass and doors)
-scripting: with custom scripting language
-events: warps, dialogs
-NPCs and trainers
-intro screens
-new game scene
-game saving and loading
-sound: map music and sound effects
-Trainer card
-map screen
-HMs: cut type HMs (ie Cut, Rock Smash, Whirlpool), Strength, Surf, Waterfall, and Flash
-sliding (ice) tiles and directional (like in gyms) tiles
-basic battle engine
-map metadata editor



How YOU can help
-Any programmers out there who fancy helping this project, let me know. Take look at the code, write new features, whatever you like. The more the merrier.
-If anyone wanted to do a logo etc. for the project, that'd be nice.
-If you can think of another way you could be useful, tell me!

SooperTrooper - has done some serious graphics work getting all the sprites ready for the engine.
monkeyman192 - has been programming quite a few nice things for the engine.
Essentials - as I've been shamelessly ripping assets from it

Well, there you go! I'll try to keep this updated as I work more on the engine.
Check out the Ditto Engine!
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