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    Originally Posted by IceFyr1928 View Post
    Name:Jeff Dmitri

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    History: Jeff grew up in Portland Oregon, in an average family. He had an older brother who picked on him quite often. His mother died three years into Jeff's life, while giving birth to his younger sister, who was born brain-dead. This devastated Jeff, and he fell into a reclusive lifestyle. Ten years passed this way, then he was jolted back to reality by the death of his older brother in a car accident. Jeff, no better off than before, spent his free time at the local arcade instead of being home. He quickly grew proficient at a majority of the games. In two years time, his name lit up scoreboards around the arcade. He became well known, occasionally referred to as a 'master', but Jeff couldn't fill the hole left by the death of his family. In the past year, Jeff has been home more often, rather being on his computer than in the arcade. He blames this on a group of kids that say he's too old to be there, but he really just decided to get a hold on his life with his father. They now live in harmony with each other, and Jeff has regained some social standing a his high school.


    Personality: Jeff is reasonably reclusive, yet he is very intelligent. He is quick to think, and slow to answer. He loves doing things his way, and doesnt care much of what others think of him. He can focus on many things at once, and is hard to distract. Jeff feels at home around technology, and shows to be quite knowledgeable about it. Jeff doesn't talk much, but what he does say, he is confident in doing so. Jeff can be spontaneous when in a good mood, but bouts of intense depression strike when he is saddened. Jeff's love for Pokemon was apparent from a young age, and it remains with him, even as he comes near the end of high school.

    Likes: gaming, running, challenges, puzzles
    Dislikes: swimming, enclosed spaces

    Starter Pokémon: wildcard...

    RP sample: Jeff sat at his computer, idly scrolling through various websites. He was researching various cheats for a game that he had recently acquired when a notification beeped out of the computer. He closed the page, annoyed, and brought up his Email.

    "Wonder who'd be emailing me..." Jeff said as he opened his inbox. There was one new message, marked with red highlight. Jeff clicked on it, not bothering to look at the sender.

    "Beta testing? Wouldn't be surprised if it's another MMO... Might as well check it out." Jeff said, clicking the link. Immediately, Jeff blacked out. He felt like he was floating, and he couldn't move.he fearfully struggled, but there seemed to be no possible way of escape.

    What the-!! Where the hell am I? Jeff thought. He felt another presence in the space, which didn't help how scared he was. He continued to struggle against his invisible bonds, He felt cords popping in his neck with the effort. When he finished, he was greeted with a deep, loud, obviously male voice.

    "Greetings, and welcome to the world of Pokemon!" The disembodied voice said. The voice suddenly had his full attention. Jeff recognized the words, but he couldn't place his finger on where.

    Did he just say... Jeff thought. "Who are you?" He asked aloud, still searching through his memory for where this was familiar.

    "My name is Professor Birch! Who are you? Are you a boy or a girl?" The voice, who was apparently called Professor Birch, asked. Jeff's eyes went wide as it suddenly hit him. He was dreaming about being in Pokemon Ruby? Why would he be dreaming of that?

    "Uh, boy?" Jeff said.

    This is scary in a familiar way... I have a bad feeling about this... Jeff thought as Professor Birch processed what he had said. He had by now given up struggling, sure that he wasn't going to get anywhere.

    "And what is your name?" The Professor said. Jeff froze in retaliation. He wasn't sure how this had anything to do with beta testing, but then again, this wasn't really a game.

    "Jeff. Jeff Dmitri. Why?" Jeff said, however, he did not get an answer, as he awoke in a truck of some sort.

    Sh-wait. I remember this now! Pokemon Emerald! But that means... Am I in the game? Jeff thought. He ws sitting up when a voice echoed through the truck.

    "The only way to escape the game is to beat it. Good luck..." it said.

    Jeff realized with a sense of horror what had happened. It then dawned on him that his most prominent childhood wish had come true.

    "I'm... I'm in the Hoenn region! In the world of Pokemon! Hah! Hahahaha!" Jeff said excitedly. He started laughing like a maniac, not stopping for quite a while. When he did, it was because the moving truck had come to a halt, and the back had opened.

    "Littleroot town! I wonder where Professor Birch is?" Jeff said. He got out and looked around, amazed at just how realistic everything looked.
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